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Standard Post Rotation - Mewtwo & Mew GX Deck

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by nobloodnobones, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. nobloodnobones Aspiring Trainer


    I’ve been looking through the forums but i dont seem to be able to find any post rotation mm2 list. Here below I’ve a decklist that REALLY works against all post rotation meta, and even the online players who are mixing the pre stuff in. The only problem Ive been having, is the darkbox deck which not only has resistance against me, but the dark moon gx is really annoying. My decklist was heavily modified from one of the articles I took from pokebeach much earlier. The win rate of the deck is 8:2 and struggles mainly against dark-box.

    Pokemon: 19
    1. Mewtwo and mew gx x 3
    2. Mew x 1
    3. Wobuffet (anti prism) x 1
    4. Marshadow (anti stadium and ultra beasts) x 1
    5. Dedenne gx x 2
    6. Jirachi gx x 1
    7. Cobalion gx x 1
    8. Blaziken gx x 1
    9. Venomoth gx x 1
    10. Solgaleo gx x 1
    11. Dragonite gx x 1
    12. Greninja gx x 1 (det pik)
    13. Incineroar gx x 1
    14. Altaria gx x 1
    15. Latios gx x 1
    16. Naganadel gx x 1

    Trainers: 30
    1. Acro bike x 2
    2. Fire crystal x 2
    3. Welder x 4
    4. Great Furnace x 4
    5. Pal pad x 1
    6. Janine x 4
    7. Cherish ball x 4
    8. Pokemon communication x 2
    9. Mysterious treasure x 2
    10. Pokegear x 4
    11. Forgot?? Need to check when i get back

    Energies: 11
    1. Fire x 7
    2. Rainbow x 4

    This deck has answers to everything: reshizard, whimscott, pikarom, malatina and darkbox. But it does struggle against darkbox due to resistance and dark moon, ive been considering larvitar, onyx and marchampmarshadow gx but none seems to really fit, appreciate any help!

  2. Wolfe_XD Metagross :)


    every deck has a bad matchup, but judge/reset stamp are good options. Dark box likes to keep certain pieces in hand so hand disruption can really help.
  3. nobloodnobones Aspiring Trainer


    Which reminds me no 11 of trainer is 1 reset stamp.
  4. Wolfe_XD Metagross :)


    also run 4 treasure and drop the comm, all the non GX pokemon are treasure searchable and comm has anti synergy with the deck. Also I'd use hapu over janine and put in a couple cynthia over the acro bikes or find room for a 3rd. dropping janine means dropping venomoth and then you've got room for either another reset stamp or a judge. You could also drop a furnace for a heat factory.
  5. nobloodnobones Aspiring Trainer


    I actually started out with 4 MT and 4 CB but realised 4 ch with 2 MT and 2 Poke comm is better because there are times when you really need to find gxes that are non dragon / psychic, especially dedenne, this is quite common.

    Ianine and venomoth is just too useful against pikarom and malatina decks, won these metas so many times thanks to this combo.

    Cynthia over acro sounds interesting.

    I actually drop hest factory over furnace because i realised fire energy is too precious in this game, you want your stadium to help you discard pokemon and find fire rather than discard fire.

    Thanks for feedback!
  6. Skater_J Aspiring Trainer


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