Polteageist, Cramorant, Third Potential Pokemon, and New 'Sword & Shield' Features Revealed!


Aspiring Trainer
At first I thought that I had seen a shiny Alcremie in the trailer, but now I know that it's more like Vivillon. Hopefully you can obtain all of it's variations through breeding, rather than then being region exclusive, because getting all the Vivillon was a nightmare that I don't want to go through again.


Miss Vaanjie
Flying/Water huh? The first time I've seen a Water/Flying type where Flying is actually the first type, instead of it's usual second type, though I am pleased that Flying is slowly becoming dominant. Hopefully, they will surprise us by making a majority of Normal/Flying Pokémon to pure Flying, now that would be a dream come true, plus if they do that, it will reflect how they are being represented in the Trading Card Game.
How will it reflect how they are being represented in the TCG? We already have Tornadus, as a pure Flying-type, and Noibat is Flying/Dragon, and both are represented by Colorless (almost always for Noibat).


Aspiring Trainer
Now I just wonder Cramorant somehow summon real fishes into the Pokemon world? This confirm regular animals on Pokemon world? or that Fish gonna be an actual pokemon? Then Cramorant summon pokemons in a middle of the battle?
According to the leak, it also shoots out pikachus


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Hey in the Nintendo direct (I think) where they showed the demo the guy found a sack of potatoes and so now we know what that is for to make curry. I like the more normal looking clothes options we have. The league cards remind me of baseball cards or business cards.