Pokemon VMAX, Sword & Shield Cards, Meowth V MAX Special Collection Revealed!


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I feel similar to how others have posted. The power creep is a little much, and the V mechanic is underwhelming. I thoroughly enjoyed the GX attack because it infused more strategy into the game. I prefer a meta that is defined by a players ability to manipulate the play with skilled decisions executed at the right time. I'd rather a chess feeling than checkers! Nothing is worse than a meta that determines a winner based on who gets the first attack. I'd prefer to see more love for non V cards. I enjoyed when baby buzzowole and baby zapdos had their run at greatness. For me the game is healthy when all types of cards have the potential to win a significant event. I hope that the rest of the set has some goodies that allow littler pokemon to shine as well.

The art is gorgeous in the V cards. The Snorlax VMax is to die for :)

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Update #2: Added more product images, including the blister packs! The promos are Wooloo, Gossifleur, Morpeko, and Galarian Ponyta.


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The new etb dice are nice. The big one doesn’t look tourney legal. New poison and burn looks nice. RIP GX markers.


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The ETBs over all are definitely different, I wonder how they’re actually going to turn out. I don’t know if I’m crazy but they definitely seem taller overall with this weird new box top. It just seems like form over function, the taller bottoms they did starting in the later gen 7 sets I think perfected the format (besides the top loader issue which I think CES fixed.) Not huge on the sleeve designs either, the colors just... don’t work.

But you know what really bums me out? The dice. The coin flip ones are great, yes, but...I kinda really don’t like new numbered ones. I’ll totally admit I’m sure players are going to find this useful, but I collect these dice, and the lack of the set symbol on them just... takes away all the character from them. Not to mention monochromatic Red and Blue dice, the most common colors they have of these. The dual colored Tag Team ones and even the Ultra Prism-Lost Thunder ones with the colored pips were always so cool. It’s a bummer that My absolute favorite part of these products just went from better and better with every set to really disappointing.

That being said, am I the only one who cares about this? Yes.


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Anyone else noticed how they included the word “also” in the effects of attacks?

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  • Metal Patch - 5 Geodudes, why not?
  • Meowth V/VMAX - 200 for 1 TCE and Energy (Yes, Triple Accel since VMAX are evolved Pokemon) and draws 3, why not? 2/3-4
  • Indeedee V- Kinda underwhelming to me. 3
  • Stonjourner V - 180 for an energy that isn't easily payable. 3 Geodudes
  • Galarian Ponyta-
  • Rillaboom - Energy accel? Good. Getting it out T2? Maybe?! 4 Geodudes
  • Inteleon - Better Alolan Ninetales but as a Stage 2. 4 Geodudes
  • Cinderace - I kinda Like it. 4 Geodudes
  • Galarian Zigzagoon - Wait for Obstagoon before we are dealing with this card.
  • Snorlax V/VMAX - Huge HP, Triple Acceleration Energy, and Better Mega Ray's atk. 3/5
  • Lapras V/VMAX - Quagsire, period. 3/4-5
  • Zacian V - Although weak to Welder, Zacian V has continue to be better among the two mascots. Zacian's main ability is payable with the ability and Metal Patch. 5 Geodudes
  • Zamazenta V - VMAX have high HP, Zamazenta blocks it. 5 Geodudes
  • Fishing Rod - Not as good as Super Rod but its better than we don't have. 4 Geodudes
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I wonder how expensive these will be.. If there are VMAX cards with a texture and they're not secret rares, does that mean that this is like the return of the gold star type pokemon? Competitively viable yet rare.


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35 Trainer cards??!! :eek:o_O
Remember when Jungle set had only ONE Trainer card?

Yeah, me neither


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I wonder how the Poison and Ghost types will play out type wise (hopefully, Ghost type will remain Psychic, and have Darkness Weakness, but no Resistance)....


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I wonder how expensive these will be.. If there are VMAX cards with a texture and they're not secret rares, does that mean that this is like the return of the gold star type pokemon? Competitively viable yet rare.

I can't see them ever reaching gold star ratings since those are shinies and incredibly hard to get ahold of. My guess is that they'll sit around full arts/rainbow rares money-wise at best. Gold stars were secret rares and these guys are not.

We won't fully know until the set comes out, however


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I absolutely love these V-Max cards, basically combines the raw power of Tag Teams with the option of running their smaller forms like regular GXs.

Just love the idea of strategising when is the best time to go V-Max (if at all) based on the power of the V-Max, your opponent's board state etc.


Have you even had a try at this format? There's no deep strategy. You just evolve as fast as you can, hit as hard as you can, and then add utility either through support Pokémon, trainers or pokémon attacks. The only skill intensive decks are dark box and gardesylveon that require you to plan your energy attachments and risks you take by spreading or concentrating energy for powerful attacks.

I'm hyped for the new card reveals and to have new decks to play, but there's no strategy in these, it's just bigger numbers and unga.

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The Art is wonderfull for the V-Max, i might want to collect them all, however with such simple attack and not even a special ability, (we are going back to the Mega era) it make for a boring card, hopefully the wouldnt make it these card having 3 different prints


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Dude if Galar Linoone and Obstagoon have chip damage abilities Just like Zigzagoon it's gonna be XY Crobat shenanigans all over again. I'm absolutely building that deck
I was thinking the exact same thing

Rillaboom is absurd energy accel for grass even if its a stage 2