Pokemon Titanium and Iron Versions

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Crazy Weavile

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Story: Pokemon Titanium happens 10 years after RSE, in the scenic Derukia region. Onward... Darkness. Darkness all around. The black storm clouds hovered over the endless chasms, and
spread scant droplets of rain into this new world's barren, empty craters. Pure darkness covered
this place, a place before the beginning of time. Then, from one storm cloud's center, a shining
light soon formed. This light disappeared eventually, and in the place where it once was, a
Pokemon emerged. The lightning of countless storms covered its yellow body, with an ever so
slightly elongated head, long, thick neck, stubby limbs, short, blunt claws, short, thin wings,
thick tail with a small, sharp black scale in the tip, and black armor over its head, only
exposing its green eyes. This great titan let out a piercing cry.

"Electrgon! Electrgon! Electrgon!" cried the Pokemon. Born of storms into this place, it seeked
others to keep it company. Finding none, it sank into the crater to sleep, where it would remain
for another milennium before any story can truly begin...

In the time of a thousand years, this mighty beast radiated its own power into the earth,
creating another in time. However, this Pokemon was comprised of only life, with no conscience...
This Pokemon could strike fear into even the strongest man, with its icy blue eyes, red-and-black
scales, massive wings and talons, and many crooked tails... Taking to the air, it awakened the
first Pokemon, known as Electrgon, and fled. Electrgon rose from the crater it had slept in,
and realized its powers could create life. Knowing this, it released a huge wave of energy, all
of its energy, and created all life. Flowers filled the canyons, and dense forests covered all
they could. However, only a scant few Pokemon filled this paradise. It simply couldn't create
anything much more advanced than simple sea-dwelling Pokemon such as the shrimp-like Anorith.
Deeply saddened, Electrgon took to the clouds where it circled the globe countless times...

The second Pokemon, known as Dravolent, on the other hand, was delighted with Electrgon's
work. It took to skimming the seas and killing the Pokemon and plants to absorb their life.
However, much of the life went unabsorbed. Rather, it went back to Electrgon, who used it to
create new beings. In time, Electrgon's powers increased, and the things it created could be
more complex, and less life could be used per being with no ill effects. Dravolent continued to
kill these things, but on land and in the air as well, and the cycle continued. Legendary Pokemon
were born to govern Electrgon's creations, and somewhere along the line it even created a unique
type of being- humans. Still, the cycle continued. One day, during its flight, Electrgon
finally encountered Dravolent, its earliest creation. It recognised Dravolent as the Pokemon
of Death, the thing that killed its creations.

"GON!" it cried, releasing numerous thunderbolts at Dravolent, and starting the War of a Thousand
Years. Many lost their lives in these battles, and it seemed the end of the world was nigh.
However, one human, the first Pokemon Trainer, realized that these Pokemon could be stopped,
and set out to stop them with only one Pokemon. This man, who's name and image have been
lost to the sands of time, took his Pokemon, an Armair, to defeat Electrgon and Dravolent.
They fell, and this man took them to the Sacred Lake in the land of Derukia, where he used a
legendary item known as the Balance Scepter to seal them in other worlds, where their powers
would not harm each other, and the cycle would repeat forever. A tower was then built on this
site, the roof being the only place where the Balance Scepter could be used to open the portals...

001: Breedling - Grass - Seedling Pokemon
002: Spround - Grass - Bud Pokemon
003: Rafflenis - Grass/Poison - Rafflesia Pokemon
004: Lantark - Fire - Lantern Pokemon
005: Lanternal - Fire - Lantern Pokemon
006: Umbreturn - Fire/Dark - Lantern Pokemon
007: Tadpond - Water - Tadpole Pokemon
008: Tadphibian - Water - Tadpole Pokemon
009: Frogound - Water/Rock - Bullfrog Pokemon
010: Wesil - Normal - Weasel Pokemon
011: Weatack - Normal - Weasel Pokemon
012: Starlift - Cosmic/Flying - Star Pokemon
013: Startrav Cosmic/Flying - Star Pokemon
014: Catershock - Bug/Electric - Larva Pokemon
015: Electroon - Bug/Electric - Pupa Pokemon
016: Zapterfly -Bug/Electric - Firefly Pokemon
017: Psystuck - Psychic - Tail Pokemon
018: Psychotail - Psychic - Tail Pokemon
019: Mentail - Psychic - Tail Pokemon
020: Aquafin - Water - Fish Pokemon
021: Finslash - Water - Sharp Fin Pokemon
023: Finnish - Water/Steel - Swordfish Pokemon
027: Circut - Electric - Circuit Pokemon
028: Circair - Electric/Flying - Circuit Pokemon
029: Meteorock - Cosmic/Rock - Meteor Pokemon
030: Stoneroid - Cosmic/Rock - Asteroid Pokemon
033: Endurock - Rock - Endurance Pokemon
034: Enduron - Rock - Endurance Pokemon
039: Goaburn - Fire - Mountain Goat Pokemon
040: Goablast- Fire - Volcano Goat Pokemon
041: Skorpeon (sprite) - Poison/Metal - Gold Pokemon
044: Cinos - Sonic - Sonic Boom Pokemon
048: Irondra - Dragon/Steel - Heavy Metal Pokemon
049: Irongon - Dragon/Steel - Heavy Metal Pokemon
050: Dralloy - Dragon/Steel - Alloy Pokemon
053: Phantowl - Ghost/Flying - Owl Pokemon
054: Spectowl - Ghost/Flying - Poltergeist Pokemon
055: Crystavolt (Patrick's sprite) - Electric/Ice - Conductivity Pokemon
056: Electrolyn - Electric/Ice - Conductivity Pokemon
057: Crysduit - Electric/Ice - Conduit Pokemon
059: Eviron - Steel - Iron Head Pokemon
060: Evironite - Steel - Iron Body Pokemon
061: Wodahs - Dark - Shadow Pokemon
062: Emirg - Dark/Poison - Filth Pokemon
064: Armair (Skarmory evo)(Re-drawn, re-colored by KougaWolf) - Steel/Flying - Sonic Speed Pokemon
065: Ostrark - Dark/Flying - Hostility Pokemon
067: Beacollie - Light/Metal - Beacon Pokemon
068: Brightound - Light/Metal - Beacon Pokemon
069: Flareggdon - Dark/Fire - Hellfire Pokemon
070: Apocafire - Dark/Fire - Demonic Pokemon
072: Ballance - Light/Dark - Balance Pokemon
073: Lanceorb - Light/Dark - Lance Pokemon
074: Balantimid - Light/Dark - Timid Pokemon
075: Balanpale - Dark/Light - Brutal Pokemon
076: Screechant - Sonic/Ghost - Chant Pokemon
078: Viralite - Microbe - Infection Pokemon
079: Viraline - Microbe - Infection Pokemon
081: Sprobe - Microbe/Grass - Spore Pokemon
082: Sporteria - Microbe/Grass - Spore Pokemon
083: Manterror - Water/Poison - Stingray Pokemon
084: Yatu (evo of Xatu) - Psychic/Flying - Wisdom Pokemon
086: Minirinim (pre-evo of Girafarig) - Normal - Symmetry Pokemon
087: Akwiten - Water - Aqua Kitten Pokemon
088: Akatt - Water - Aqua Cat Pokemon
089: Akwion - Water - Tropical Cat Pokemon
090: Mystifair (evo of Jynx) - Psychic/Ice - Enchantment Pokemon
091: Sneezing -Poison - Methane Pokemon
097: Thundara - Sonic/Electric - Thunder Pokemon
103: Wortoplasm - Cosmic/Ghost - Wormhole Pokemon
104: Ghole - Cosmic/Ghost - Black Hole Pokemon
108: Armadin -Ground- Armadillo Pokemon
109: Earadillo -Ground- Armadillo Pokemon
110: Armordillo -Ground/Steel- Armor Pokemon
111: Futuraven - Psychic/Flying - Oracle Pokemon
112: Cosmogia - Cosmic - Cosmos Pokemon
113: Naturgia - Grass - Nature Pokemon
114: Machania - Steel - Mechanation Pokemon
115: Electrgon (Re-drawn by KougaWolf, original by Crazy Weavile) -Electric/Dragon - Life Pokemon
116: Dravolent(Re-drawn by KougaWolf, original by Crazy Weavile) - Dark/Dragon - Death Pokemon
117: Ruination - Ground/Ghost - Ruin Pokemon
118: Sendril (not in dex) - Psychic - Tendril Pokemon
119: Frozarmor (not in dex) - Ice/Steel - Ice Cap Pokemon
In addition, here's the current list of new types.

Weak: (same as Acanthite)
Resistant: (same as Acanthite)
Super Effective: (same as Acanthite)
Not very effective: (same as Acanthite)
Doesn't effect: (same as Acanthite)

Weak: Light, Dark, Ghost
Resistant: Steel, Ice, Fire, Water, Microbe, Sonic
Super Effective: Fire, Sonic, Microbe, Grass
Not very effective: Cosmic, Psychic, Rock, Ground
Doesn't effect: N/A

Weak: Psychic, Fire, Poison, Cosmic
Resistant: Grass, Water, Ground, Bug
Super Effective: Bug, Grass, Water
Not very effective: Sonic, Cosmic. Rock
Doesn't effect: Ghost

Weak: Cosmic, Sonic
Resistant: Microbe, Bug, Grass
Super Effective: Microbe, Sonic, Ice
Not very effective: Steel, Rock
Doesn't effect: N/A

I don't have any screens at the moment. However, I should note that Sendril and Frozarmor are event-only. Help is welcome!


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You have an amazing imagination. An entire Pokedex. The drawings are...fascinating. =)


~I see a little silhouetto of a man~
Really the Pokemon ideas are really fascinating why don't you get someone to help you draw better pictures based on the ones you have made?


is there really a titanium version for the nintendo hand helds? like nintendo ds? im just curious because the pokemon look better then black and white... the drawings were just beyond belief. i was just curious and i think i sound like an idiot for asking but seriously.... is it a real game that is sold in stores?


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