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Hello PokéBeach! As we wait for the next main series game, we often find ourselves playing competitive play to fill the void! Of course that's not without it's own set of problems or concerns.

With so many similar teams still running around, a lot of us try to find that one Pokémon that we think could be innovative and work. So I bring you a fun topic of discussion:

Which Pokémon have you found yourself using successfully that you don't see many using? How could that Pokémon be improved upon? Is there a Pokémon you want to see get specific moves that can help it?

Discuss either moves you want to see Pokémon get, or perhaps a Pokémon that has seen more play in VGC as of late.

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I think Mega Lop could see more usage if she could use Close Combat. Tell me if I'm wrong because I am not really familiar with VGC but I think the reason why Mega Lop isn't being used much afaik is because of the HJK issue in a metagame full of Protect users.


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Give Flygon DD finally. If Altaria can somehow cause an Earthquake, than why can't Flygon dance like the rest of his family (maybe he's just adopted)? Also, how does Gengar not get Nasty Plot? It can learn Hypnosis and Dream Eater, but can't think of an evil plan? Gengar is based on a wicked spirit, and don't get me started on his Pokedex entries
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