Pokemon TCG Printed Record 11.9 Billion Cards in 2023, The Biggest Year Ever!

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The Pokemon Company has released its latest figures report, revealing a record 11.9 billion Pokemon cards were produced from March 2023 to March 2024!
This is the fourth year in a row Pokemon has broken its annual record. This is also the largest jump in year-to-year growth ever recorded. Last year’s record was 9.7 billion, the highest ever at the time. Before 2019, Pokemon was producing an average of 1.5 to 2 billion cards a year.
According to The Pokemon Company, over 64.8 billion Pokemon cards have been produced worldwide as of March 2024. Here are the reports I’ve received from Pokemon since starting PokeBeach in 2003:

As of March 2024: Over 64.8 billion cards worldwide in 15 languages and 93 countries and regions
March 2023: Over 52.9 billion cards worldwide in 14...

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I dont give a damn, SV era is goated and it works what they're doing. 151 can carry only so much, so I dont believe for a sec thats the only "good" set
How is this sustainable? I know we don't think about this but I feel it needs to be talked about.
Remember, China had only recently taken off and has been printing a lot! Wouldn't be suprised if they accounted for up to a quarter of the print count

Either way, Pokémon is doing better than ever! Awesome trajectory for the 30th anniversary 👏
HoW iS tHiS SuStAiNaBlE

Well little timmy this is in all languages. I dont think ppl understand the demand for boxes and how many of those cards printed are actually desirable or valuable.
go on tcg and ebay and count how many booster box cases of pe and tf are listed.

Scarlet violet is a goat set. Tf pr pe pf 151 doesnt matter you will regret not buying 65-70 now 80-90 dollar boxes in a few years.
How is this sustainable? I know we don't think about this but I feel it needs to be talked about.
I'm sure we do need to talk about it, but I'm entirely sure which sense of sustainable you are thinking about. Are you referring to the continuing Pokémon boom? Are you referring to the state of the second-hand card market as affected by the number of cards printed? Are you referring to the amount of resources (Money spent by customers, resources used for printing, or resources used for packaging)? Or are you referring to something else, or several different factors? Understanding which topic or topics you want to discuss would help me engage in the discussion, and it's possible I'm not the only one in doubt.