'Pokemon TCG: Battle Academy' Announced!

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  1. Youre looking at this from a competitive and collectors point of view... you're completely missing the point. Its a product designed for children to learn and play the game at home with their friends and families at a basic level.

    Its not intended to fit into the meta or be competitive or even provide something new for collectors. In that respect it will sell, and it will likely sell well.

    Your average pokebeach member will still rage at XY Evolutions packs being included in products... but ask any Asmodee or Pokemon TCG Staff member and its still the most popular a and best selling set years after release and still shifts more units off the shelves due to parents buying for their children, nostalgia seekers and entry level collectors. Again this was confirmed to me from staff at London Toy Fair

    Not everyone buys cards from the perspective you do
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    Yay, bad promos of the same three pokemon that have been in tons of products and sets!
  3. Good thing the set wasnt designed with you in mind then i guess, there are lots of people who will be very happy with this
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    TBH I would rather get a new player a theme deck instead of this because theme decks have a lot more variety instead of just a few decks and the newer theme decks have loads of helpful trainers you can put in pretty much every deck and sure they dont have GXs but I dont think you need them at all to understand the game
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    I dunno, I think I can see the merit of this too. I would have eaten this up back when I was just starting out and had an interest in the game. I started collecting when I was 12, back when EXs were the big thing at the time (later BW/Early XY era), and the big thing I wanted were those big fancy cards. Three decks to try out with fellow new fans and some pretty cool looking GXs for a supposed $20, it's definitely not for everyone but if I were that 12 year old version of myself I would definitely have had interest in this if not just to learn how to play the game.

    That being said, modern-day theme decks didn't exist EITHER when I was that age, and the appeal of those cool trainers are a nice little thing too. But IMO they all have enough merit to them to be worth it to some people.

    Would I get either of those now? No, I collect singles, but I'm not going to deny the fact that these products do have good use for other people, just not for myself.
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    That Aipom promo is in the Pikarom League Battle Deck
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    Also, that aipom promo is in the pikarom battle arena decks so it will more than likely not feature in these decks

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