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The Pokemon Dusk Reborn RPG is a text-based MMORPG where you can battle alongside your friends. It features a unique region with new NPCs and beautiful maps. You start by making your trainer character and choosing your starter Pokemon. You can possibly do everything you can imagine in the world of Pokemon. You can be a Hardcore trainer, a Pokemon master, or join Team Rocket and rule over. Check it out if you like nostalgic retro Gameboy Pokemon or text-based old-school RPGs! There are currently 56,000 + trainers from all around the globe.

Unique features,
In this game, there is a total of 9 different types of Pokemon including Normal, each with its unique strength. Here are the types:
of Colored Pokemons:Type.png

To catch Pokemon, you'll need to explore various maps by walking around. Eventually, you'll encounter wild Pokemon. Engage in battles to weaken them, and once they're weakened, throw a Pokeball to capture them!

If you're looking for special-colored Pokemon like Golden, Glitter, Eternal, and more, you can acquire them by trading with other players or purchasing them from promo shops. Keep an eye out for contests on the forums, as they often offer opportunities to obtain these unique Pokemon.

Our server is the community for the Pokemon Masters to have fun and connect with fellow trainers.
Game URL, https://pkmnreborn.com/

Screenshots of the game,
Our Social media,
CruZ #1
Chirgjin #3

GFX Artists:
Acidtrip #10
Sinbad #7538
Origin #210
Danovlowsima #176
(Golden, Glitter, Shadow, Frost, Haunted and Demon) are sprited mostly by CruZ.

Gen 1-5 Pokemon Sprites - veekun
Gen 6 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon X/Y Sprite Project
Gen 7 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project
Gen 8 Pokemon Sprites - All Contributors To Smogon Sword/Shield Sprite Project
Gen 1-6 Pokemon Icon Sprites - Alaguesia, harveydentmd
Gen 7 Pokemon Icon Sprites - Marin, MapleBranchWing, Contributors to the DS Styled Gen 7+ Repository
Gen 8 Icon Sprites - Larry Turbo, Leparagon
Tiled software for maps

Developed in Python, PHP, MySQL, JS, HTML/CSS.

Pokémon is owned by:
The Pokémon Company

In association with Game Freak
This is a fan-made, non-profit game.
No copyright infringement is intended.
Please support the official games!
Let’s embark on our Pokemon journey, battle, train, and catch all the Pokemon. Don’t forget to have fun and participate in all our events and activities.
?? Halloween Event Update is Here! ??
Trainers, get ready for a spook-tacular time with our latest Halloween Event Update! ?? Here's what's Old Witch is cookin for you:

? Trick or Treat
  • Visit any user profile and take your chances with Trick or Treat! Will you steal candies or lose your own? Luck decides your fate!

? Witch House
  • The mischievous witch needs your help with a mysterious experiment. Assist her and receive candies or a rare item in return!

?‍♀️ Witch Shop
  • Trade your extra candies for elusive and spooky Pokémon! Don't miss the Haunted Chest 2023, housing 9 exclusive Pokémon including Haunted Ho-Oh, Eternal Kyogre and Demon Groundon! ?

⚔️ Battle
  • Defeat NPCs in battles and watch as they drop candies for you! Sweet victories await!

? New Item: Bloodmoon Locket
  • Unleash the power of the Bloodmoon Locket! This unholy item doubles battle candies when the holding Pokémon defeats the enemy. Obtainable at the item market, auction house, and exclusively for promo Eternal Hoopa and Golden Pikachu in the Treasure Box!

? New Promo Pokémon
  • Promo Center - Shadow Rotom and Glitter Phantump, our newest promo event additions! Plus, grab the rare Eternal Hoopa and Golden Pikachu from the Treasure Box exclusive!

? Exclusive Shop Offers
  • Limited-time anniversary exclusives await you:
    • Golden Pichu: Pichu is all set for Halloween, dressed as Mimikyu! Available for a short time only.
    • Premium Promo - Glitter Articuno: A silver radiant version of the legendary favorite. A true sight to behold!

? Join the Celebration! ?
  • Connect with fellow trainers in our Discord community and share your Halloween event experiences! Trade items, exchange strategies, and revel in the spooky spirit of this occasion! ??

Let's make this Halloween event one for the books! ?? Happy haunting, trainers! ???