Pokemon Direct Announced For Thursday!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Water Pokémon Master, Jan 7, 2020.

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    Nah I gotta disagree, they're likely being rushed to pump out games from TPCi, I highly doubt game freak alone were the ones who were like yes...lets put ourselves and our employees through the wringer for a game that's not quite done. I mean heck, they didn't even get to finish their own project that they wanted to due to the pressure.

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    This one you cannot know, nor should you really care. Pretty sure employee management is on GameFreak, but the point is that the entire production machine spat out a mediocre game.
  3. Wavestripe Med Student


    It's far from mediocre imo, It's gotten pretty positive critical acclaim, sold really well, and a lot of people who were in my boat and disliked the direction but actually picked it up and played it turned around their views. It's a good game. It's not great, it's not excellent, but it's far from mediocre.
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    So much for Dexit...

    The dexits are coming back!
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  6. Wavestripe Med Student


    It's pretty disgusting that we have to pay THIRTY dollars to have pokemon that shouldnt have been cut in the first place.
    I was really giving them the benefit of the doubt but seriously??
  7. Yaginku Aspiring Trainer


    Literally Pay-4-Pokemon.

    Jokes aside, I assume they'll allow you to transfer your old Pokemon whether you have the respective DLC or not. It's also pretty cool that they include completely new Pokemon and forms as well. I am still not happy that this is DLC - the base game is still too barebones to justify it, however, I am happy it doesn't seem like something that was slapped together hastily. They look like legitimate add-ons.
  8. JustInBasil Aspiring Trainer


    You don't have to pay to get the Pokémon. You can get them via Pokémon Home or traded from someone who has the expansion for free. And it's not like the 200+ returning Pokémon are the only thing in the Expansions, either.
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    lol didn't take long for this kinda comment.

    they made it clear they're available as trades to anyone regardless of wether you bought dlc or not.

    this isn't really any different than what they've been doing for the last few gens. you've either needed bank to directly access your own older pokemon or trade with someone who did have bank. been like that since x& y came out.
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    Some people are going to be unhappy about this but I'm quite happy. These expansions are still cheaper than buying a new sister game/s if they decided to release those instead, and since you can jump right into the expansion content with your current save files, it means that you don't have to play through the monotonous story again. It also means that your old game/s won't just rot on your shelf as you play a newer, better version of it, like in previous generations. I also personally like how it spites people who decided to wait for the newer, better version/s of Pokemon SwSh, only to be told that there was no newer, better version/s and that it was instead an expansion pack lol.

    In terms of base game improvement, these expansions are amazing. The most new content added in a Pokemon generation followup was Pokemon Black & White 2, with their new areas and features, and this easily trumps that benchmark, with a fair amount of new Pokemon and formes and allowing you to find over 200 more older Pokemon, bringing up the total of findable Pokemon to over 600, more than any generation I think. Not to mention, that the expansion content plays like the Wild Area, which is easily the best part of SwSh, which is absolutely awesome.

    Another good thing is that if you don't want the expansion pass for some reason, then you can still get the newly accessible old Pokemon through Pokemon and trade for the new Pokemon and formes through trade, if anyone is willing to trade their one-off Pokemon that is.

    My only issue overall is that I personally like the additional save file that buying the sister game/s gets me, but I will admit that I like how it's cheaper overall and that my older games won't just rot on the shelf like Pokemon SM did after Pokemon USUM came out.
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  11. Hongo Aspiring Trainer


    At first I was skeptical, but the Expansion Pass looks like it will have the content to back it up. I actually wouldn’t mind if they even did a pass similar to Smash Bros. where we get a bi monthly or quarterly update to the base games adding in new Galarian forms, new Pokémon and features, etc.

    It seems that event/legendary Pokémon for SWSH (which were lacking and nonexistent) will be implemented this way. Which is an amusing take, if not kind of brilliant. I would take this route over needing to go to GameStop for a code. It’s the same difference.
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    I'm definitely happy. I have to figure out how to handle the DLC (I have two consoles and two versions, one on each console, and two kids, each who play my purchased games on one console - so how do I get them to be able to both play the expansion, since I can only designate one console as my primary console? Maybe I'll have to buy the expansion to one version under a different Nintendo account?) but I'm much happier with the Expansion route than the new-game route.

    Honestly, what I'd love to do is pay Nintendo $30/year subscription and just get everything they make in one version, or $50 and you get both versions. Then they just keep putting out games and they show up day one for subscribers, maybe with beta versions or something for randomly chosen subscribers. I'm paying that much _anyway_, after all, why not make it a subscription so I can get some bonuses out of it? :)

    Very, very happy about the wild area expansion, also. That is definitely the most fun part of the game. Hoping the new Isle of Armor battle arena-type thing is possibly a second Battle Tree type location when you finish the expansion - I like the one we have now somewhat, but a different take that's less PvP style would be nice too (a coop battle arena maybe?). And the additional coop elements that it sounds like are coming to the second expansion will be really nice, too.

    Still have hope for Platinum remake in 2021, right? :) Just hope my youngest is still into Piplup by then...
  13. Rcxd9999 Aspiring Trainer


    Another thing that I just thought that Pokemon have utilised perfectly is that now event Pokemon and new to be added Pokemon and formes can't be spoiled by data miners, as the data for those Pokemon and areas aren't in the base games and will be added by the updates for the expansion pass, meaning spoilers are absolutely minimised.

    New things can still be spoilt by insiders, leakers and shady reviewers but with Nintendo cracking down hard on those sorts and with new Pokemon, formes, areas and features being added through online updates rather than in the data of the base game itself, this is quite awesome and it's neat to see Nintendo utilising this.

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