PokeBeach Turns 20 Years Old!

My middle school and high school gave people a hard time for liking Pokemon, even before Gold and Silver came out; nobody would openly admit they liked Pokemon anymore even though it was clear there were people who still played and followed the series. College was my New York area's "nobody gives a shit" era since everyone was playing DP on launch.
Congrats on 20 years Pokébeach? Been here since June 2007, just after Gallade became my new favorite Pokémon, and pretty sure I've checked the site every single day since then LOL. I definitely miss seeing new scans of cards slowly upload when Prereleases were taking place back in the day, but even so, loading up the site and seeing a brand new card reveal from Japan is still something I always look forward to; that is the source of the immeasurable joy in this hobby, and there are very few greater feelings than that imo :'D
"WPM splashing out" is the most charming sign off.
Congratulations, happy birthday, and thank you and the team for your dedication to the community.
Congrats for the 20 years!I've been here since 2019 and it was an incredibly fun time!Can't believe 4 years have passed already...
I remember when this site first opened. I literally came here for all of the TCG News, and the card scans of sets being released, Those were the good old days when we got scans of cards from sets like EX Unseen Forces and EX Delta Species. I was 16 going on 17 at the time this site first came about.
I'll just wait patiently for Chimecho3000 to come and one-up me as one of the very few people who've been here longer than me, but it feels pretty good having been here since January 2006 (my user ID is 166, as in the 166th person to sign up for the forums when they opened).
Here I am! Gosh feel so old now haha.

Congrats on the 20th anniversary WPM! Thanks for providing us with the latest Pokemon TCG info for all these years, here's to many more! Absolute legend.
As someone who grew up reading these websites and forums in the early 2000s, thanks for sticking around and thank you for the great website! Here's to another 20 years!
Congratulations WPM for making it this far

Even though I don't have the time and money to play PTCG anymore I still like to try to keep up with all the cards and meta and this site has been the number 1 site I use for that for many years.

You deserve all of your success.

Also I love my avatar.
I may not seem like it because of my account's age (I lost access to my OG account long ago and just never recovered it) but I've been around since the beginning, even during my breaks in Pokemon I would constantly check up on the latest news. It's been astounding to see you still going to this day. Congratulations.
Congrats on 20 years, WPM! PokéBeach has had such a positive impact on my life, and it's been an honor to have been able to contribute to it. Even though I can't be as active as I'd like now I still visit the home page almost daily for news.
Thank you to WPM and everyone who has aided in the tremendous effort to keep the website going this long, and - echoing the others - here's to 20 more years. :)
Pokebeach and Serebii were my go to websites when info for Black & White was releasing in Japan. I'll always remember checking here and being excited to see the new Gen 5 mons. I still browse here to stay up to date on the TCG. Congratulations on 20 years!
Congratulations! Love this story, I feel you 100%. I wish I would have stayed despite the bullying for liking Pokemon as a kid. Big props!! We appreciate you