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    Welcome to Pokebeach Survivor, hosted by @Amici and myself! We’ve had 11 seasons of Big Brother, but now comes a completely different elimination game, with new strategies, twists, and betrayal. Who will rise above the rest and Outplay, Outwit, and Outlast their way to the end? In a game of blindsides, paranoia, and vulnerability, it will take a special player to achieve victory.

    Here are some rules:
    Survivor will be played in two stages: the Tribal Stage and the Merge Stage. Here is how they work:
    Tribal Stage:
    In the Tribal Stage, players will be split into different groups with no ability to communicate between them. Each week, they will compete in an Immunity Challenge, where the winning team will get safety but the losing team will be sent to Tribal Council. There, the team that lost will have to vote a player on their tribe out of the game by majority vote.
    During this stage, there may or may not be a Tribe Swap, where players on the tribes are scrambled and placed into completely new tribes.
    Merge Stage:
    At a certain point in the game, there will be a Merge. The tribes will be dissolved and all players remaining will simply be in one merged group. Each week, the remaining players will compete in an Individual Immunity Challenge, where the winning player will get safety from the next elimination. Then, all of the players will go to Tribal Council and they will vote out a player (besides the one who won immunity) by majority vote. All players voted out during this stage will serve as the jury at the Final Tribal Council.
    Final Tribal Council:
    When there are only three players remaining in the game, they will be the finalists and will all get a chance to plead their case to the jury, a group composed of all the players eliminated in the Merge Stage. Whoever receives the most votes from the jury will win the game and be crowned the Sole Survivor.

    Other mechanics:
    Hidden Immunity Idols:
    There will be a set of Hidden Immunity Idols hidden in the game somehow. During Tribal Council, if a player has a Hidden Immunity Idol, they may play it before the votes are revealed (but after they have been cast) in order to nullify all votes against them (or a different player of their choice) at that Tribal Council. Idols may not be played on tiebreaker votes. In essence, this means that if the player who played the Idol was the one who was receiving the most votes, the player with the second most votes will be eliminated. At some point in the game, the idols will officially stop working and the only method of gaining safety will be with individual immunity. How many idols are there? How are they hidden? When will they stop working? That is for us to know and you to find out.

    There will be no twists, advantages, or mechanics not mentioned in this post. What you see is what you get.
    Vote Tiebreaking:
    All votes in this game will be done by plurality, which means that the player who gets the most votes (barring a Hidden Immunity Idol) will be eliminated, even if they do not get a majority of the votes. In the case that two people tie for the most votes, the following tiebreaking procedures will be used:
    Step 1: Revote
    All players, besides those that are tied for the most votes, will vote a second time. The player with the most votes will be eliminated. If there is still a tie, we will proceed to Step 2.
    Step 2: Unanimous Agreement
    At this point, all players that are not in the tie must reach a unanimous consensus about the player that is eliminated in the tie. If this does not happen, we will proceed to Step 3.
    Step 3: Drawing Rocks
    At this stage, all players that are neither in the tie nor safe from either winning the Immunity Challenge or playing a Hidden Immunity Idol will be entered in a random drawing. The player that is chosen by random chance will be eliminated from the game.
    There is one exception to this step, and it will occur only if there are exactly four players remaining in the game. If there is a tie and no decision has been reached after the first two steps, the players in the tie will be entered into a “Firemaking” challenge, where the player who loses will be instantly eliminated. (For fans of Survivor, this means that we are not using the modern Final 4 format and instead are doing Firemaking only if forced.)

    Other Notes:
    -When the tribes have an unequal number of team members, we will require some number of people to sit out of the next tribal Immunity Challenge so they have equal numbers. You may not sit out of two challenges in a row.
    -You may not vote for yourself at any Tribal Council.
    -In this game, you may play a Hidden Immunity Idol to nullify votes for another player, but you may not give up your Immunity that you win through an Immunity Challenge. For those that don’t understand what we are talking about when it comes to giving up your immunity, don’t worry it’s just a thing that has rarely happened in the show that won’t apply here.
    -When you sign up, write “weh” somewhere in your application form and write “Troyzan was robbed” somewhere else
    - Alliances are of course permitted, and strongly encouraged. You may make as many alliances as you’d like to with other players, provided they are still in the game and on your tribe. This can be done through PokéBeach PMs, or through Discord servers. However, both Ami and I must be added to the conversation.
    -Please do not engage in any pregame alliance making of any kind.
    -The game cannot be discussed with anyone that is not currently on your tribe. If you have a Discord alliance with any eliminated player or a player not on your tribe, please refrain from conversing about the game with them, or make a separate chat for general conversation as well. (If you are an audience member, the same is true; there is a very strict non-communication policy with players in the game or on the jury.)
    - In this game, screenshots will be necessary for challenge submissions. When signing up, make sure your device is able to submit these screenshots for your scores in various competitions throughout the game. When you submit a score, you must show proof the screenshot is yours. You must have at least two things to demonstrate this proof, which can be done by having your PokéBeach account in another tab, a tab of this game in another tab, your account name on a Notepad, or whatever else works to prove the screenshot was taken by you.
    -Do not share screenshots of either your score in a competition or your conversations in alliance chats with other players under any circumstance.
    -Do not share your Discord logs of a conversation with other players (e.g. you can say “NP said ‘Ami is a great ally!’” but you can’t say “Ninja Penguin - Yesterday at 11:14 AM Ami is a great ally”).
    - Please abide by the spirit of the rules, not just the exact words. Loopholing the rules is strictly prohibited. If you have any confusion about anything we’ve said ever, just act and we’ll clarify.
    -Please ask us questions about whatever you’re confused about or if you’re ever unsure if something is okay or not. We will do our best to answer whatever you want to know and will be much more lenient on stuff as long as you’ve consulted us, so just ask and all will be good.
    Before the game begins, I just want to give a brief note on typical Survivor strategy and how it can differ from the Big Brother strategy many on the site are used to. Survivor is a game where a player’s social game is essential to their survival chances, and their skill in competitions is much less so. It is a game often marked by deception: since any player may have an idol and use it at Tribal Council to nullify all the votes going their way, blindsiding your enemies is often a requirement to avoid them playing an idol. Eliminations can come out of nowhere for pretty much any reason and can come as a huge shock. Please remember that it is just a game and that nobody means to do you any harm.

    With all that shock, however, comes a lot of fun in strategy. Survivor is a game of simple majority votes and there are tons of different strategies to avoid those votes being in your direction and make it to the end. The social game is insane and unpredictable but that makes it so exciting. And the threat of the potential idol leads to many crazy plans to avoid being its victim. You are never out until you are out, and the game is more fluid than you would expect. The moment you become complacent socially is the moment someone else plots your demise. It’s a very different game than Big Brother, but it is a lot of fun and definitely something you should try out.
    There will be no competition bans for failing to submit for anything. However, that doesn't mean you won't be penalized. For every competition you fail to submit for or help your team for (and also fail to tell us that you are unable to submit), you will receive a competition penalty on the next competition. If you fail to submit your vote on time, you will receive a double competition penalty and be given 12 hours to submit it, after which, if you have not submitted, your decision will be completely randomized.
    The competition penalties are as follows:
    1st Offense: 10% reduction in score in your next competition
    2nd Offense: 25% reduction in score in your next competition
    3rd Offense: 40% reduction in score in your next competition
    4th Offense: 60% reduction in score in your next competition
    5th Offense: Removed from the game
    Let's not ever get to that last one. I'd really like to have a game without a modkill.

    Please keep in mind that it is perfectly valid to submit scores or decisions on a provisional basis (e.g. in case I don't get online to vote by deadline, my vote is for NinjaPenguin, but don't lock that decision in) and you will not be given a competition penalty if you cannot get online by then (since we'll just be able to do what you told me to). It is also perfectly fine to tell us you can't submit for a comp or you want to submit a zero or something. Just make sure we know and it'll be cool. I'm perfectly willing to accommodate as long as you keep me informed.
    Before signing up, please please please read all of this post. You wouldn’t want there to be anything you’ve missed. ;)

    There will be a quick application survey for those willing to play. The link to the application form can be found here:
    Applications will end in eleven days, or on March 27th at 6:00PM EST.
    At the end of this period, a post will be made to the thread and every accepted player will be notified, a cast reveal will occur in the Discord server, and the game will begin. The ideal player count for this game is 16 people, but we can run it with as few as 12.

    The application process allows you to show your commitment for the game, gives us a chance to gauge your approach to this season, and allows us to customize the competitions so that everyone can have the best time possible.

    (This OP is in part stolen from the BB8 OP, which was in part stolen from Violet and Lorde.)

    Let the games begin, and best of luck to everyone!

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    Yall aware its the same 10 people playing every game right? I don't really see a reason for it to be on the forums at that point.
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    Heh,I might try out,I hope to remember to partecipate,school takes really a lot of time.
    Btw,is this stuff Pokèmon themed or is completely different?Just to ask.
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    I mean, while the same crowd does generally make up the bulk of our players, consider that we don't really want to gatekeep it to only the usuals?
    Also - it's not like this subforum needs decluttering or anything.

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