PokeBeach Podcast: GameStop To Buy & Sell Graded Pokemon Cards & Singles, What Does This Mean for the TCG?

right now we’re only selling holo and reverses at $1 a piece no matter the card. they’re ramping it up in the background but not in stores yet
I was about to say, if you're selling them for that much, you can't be buying them for much less than LGS's would, if not more.
$1 is a lot for a holo or reverse holofoil, but for a child who has never considered whether it's possible to buy individual cards rather than opening packs or trading with friends, going to a GameStop and finding a card for your favorite Pokémon in the tray may be the only way you add your favorite card to your collection. That was me as a child. The only thing close to a "local game store" I visited as a child was a game shop in a shopping mall in Tennessee (Which my family was visiting for the week), and while I didn't pay $1 for a reverse holofoil, I did pay $3 for cards which I later found out had a market value of $1, and I was just glad I found those cards.
In the past year, I have met children who constantly price-check their cards online before trading, and even children who have bought individual cards for $15 on TCGPLAYER or eBay. Perhaps this is the majority. Perhaps this was the majority even before the Logan Paul effect. But it was not my childhood Pokémon card collector experience.
In any case, buying a single reverse holofoil for $1 is comparable to buying a $0.03 card on TCGPLAYER from a "$0.99 shipping, free shipping for orders of $5" seller and then not adding anything to your cart.
XATU! I love the little bird guy! Really enjoyed listening this week, I think they're making the sets as unique as possible to have a drive per set, and I think this one is weaker than a few previous ones. For example paradox rift had TMs and future ancient, Temporal had the return of ace specs, and now for this set we have the ogerpon switching mechanic, which isn't as potent or interesting to most players. I still really like the set tho! I hope you have a good week, and rest up JustinBasil!