PokeBeach Podcast: “Shrouded Fable” Revealed & Is GameStop’s Graded Card Program Worth It?

I am quite excited for this new subset and promos. I am not excited about GameStop and its grading scheme but if they sell some 10s for dirt cheap then maybe I'll buy it.
I’ve heard though the grapevine there may not be GameStop promo this time for twilight Masquerade - Doesn’t seem to be listed in their systems - likely they may just be “hidden” since it’s not a “order-able” product but wonder if anyone has seen anything else about this - I’m hoping it’s a Cosmic holo Ogerpon but 🤞🤞🤞 I feel like we had images of the promos by this close to release in the past.. *shrug*
ROWLET!!! i love all the bird guys! Really great episode this week! I don't think I'll ever buy a graded card they're just not for me, but it's cool to see them making them more accessible I guess? I'm actually really looking forward to the special set and all the special promos, and I hope they carry this on for other sets! Really enjoyed listening and keep up the great work!