PokeBeach’s October 2018 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by TCGplayer.com!

I had to drop for personal reasons, but I appreciate the community and would love to duel against you guys for fun (and some good ol' fashioned testing) anytime!
@Kent Freeze beats @Robert Fuchs 2-0. One of the most surreal matchups I've ever played, and kind of can't believe I pulled that out. I really drew like a god a couple times there.... Thanks for the good games.

Yeah those games could not have been any closer.

In one game Kent knocked my Pokemon out for game, but right after that his Lele got knocked out for game by Shrine of Punishment. So it was a double knock out for game but technically his knockout from the attack came first while the Shrine knock out came in between turns so Kent won. Never hit a double knock out like that on PCTGO before.