PokeBeach’s March 2019 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by TCGplayer.com!

Holden Sheeks

a.k.a. WinterShorts
Round 5 Results, Table 192

@Kashvinder Mann over @Holden Sheeks 2-1

I gotta be honest with myself, I straight up played like an idiot. My choices in those games ended up being so rushed and greedy, and I didn't pay attention to some pretty basic fundamentals that I should've taken care of. I went for a different trainer card that I could've used to set up my board state better on game 3, and the moment I realized I could've picked that card, I knew I deserved to lose. No complaints, no luck excuses, I just played super bad. My mind's not in it. :p

Not to discredit my opponent at all, I didn't even think I knew what exactly to do against that deck anyway. GGs and good luck in the rest of the tournament. :)


Aspiring Trainer
Table 200

@JumpluffTCG wins 2-1 vs @Anselm Sim

Really sorry for the G1 donk and G3 whiffs. But I will gladly take your open invitation and hit you up when I see you online! Good luck with everything both here and any tournaments irl!


Aspiring Trainer
Table 203

@Heviin wins 2-0 vs @Kalnhobbs

Great games! I was scared the whole time, not gonna lie. XD

Haha. I learned not to try and play a match after work on only 3 hours of sleep the night before - looking back I had games in hand but made some pretty severe misplays. Great learning experience regardless (I'm still a new player), and I'm happy with my deck pick for this tourney - my meta call was correct I believe this month and last month, just need to git gud :p

Thanks for the good games and being an awesome opponent. Hope we match up again in the future.
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