PokeBeach’s June 2019 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by TCGplayer.com!

For those of you attending NAIC there will a round 2 extension until Tuesday June 25th. If you're not attending NAIC please continue to schedule and play your normal games.

If you go to NAIC and schedule a game during the off-hours of the event, you're still responsible for playing that game should something come up.

And a word of advice from a judge: keep your sleeves as good as possible, bring some extras, make sure the exact card is on your list, bring some extras but don't carry those extras in the same box as your deck to the table(the wrong people get suspicious), and don't drop your phone on the floor between your legs face up with a timer going during a game.
I'll be doing some other stuff this morning before updating scores and getting the next round started.
As I check through the deck lists I want to remind everyone that Beast Energy is banned for this event due to a bug. Haven't seen one yet, but if I do I'll ask you to change it out.