Playing with modified rules


Crusty Old PokeBeacher
When I play with my friend, for some reason, we got into the habit of removing all damage counters from cards when you evolve. It does give basics a bit more of a chance though, as well as making the game last longer. :p

I know most people on here aim to make decks for competitions and the like... but for those who just play among friends... are there any modifications you make to the rules when you play?

Arcanine 274

We were joking at a tournament that when a Pokemon that is evolved is knocked out, we should just remove the highest stage evolution. But we never tried it, but it sounded fun. That's really all I've ever done, if you'll even count it.

Arcanine out.

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Well, i played for a VERY long time on a (broken) modified. Your basic energies, are on a stockpile below the prizes, and the prizes are the best 6 cards from your deck. So you pretty much know what they are.