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Have you ever played a Pokemon main game without having any idea about whats going to happen?
For me it used to be the case up until Gen 4 when I started consuming every single detail people had before the release.
But I always had this small desire to just play the game blindly. I always ended up not doing so because it was too fun to discuss the details and spoilers Pokemon left for us. And hiding from the internet has become a mighty challenge.
The upcoming DP remakes are kind of a new chance to avoid spoilers. Even though it doesnt seem to have any surprise in it. But perhaps this could bring some kind of added fun to playing that I seem to be missing lately from a main game.

Oh and if you did play a pokemon game or two blindly, please share your experience of it. How was it different? Does it worth it?

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In gen 5 I more or less knew everything prior to playing. Since they were released back when the games had a much earlier release date in Japan, obviously all the information was pretty much available from the before the get-go. I think I had my entire team planned for months before I played it myself lmao
Gens 6-7 I had a general idea of what all the new Pokemon were, although some storyline details, gym leaders, other trainers I had no real idea about etc. But since I played those from release, obviously there wasn't necessarily a lot of information readily available.
Gen 8 is kind of a weird situation. I started playing it about a month after it was initially released, so I knew all the new mons etc (mainly because I like to plan my team out before I play for the first time), but I was pretty blank on everything else. However since I was active on here and other Pokemon forums, I'd often see a few questions regarding gameplay or just general 'how to get x item or how does this Pokemon evolve etc'. Since I hadn't played the games, I obviously had no real idea of anything, but it was quite nice to see them for myself. And it was quite nice seeing little tips and being able to go in and do them myself.

Personally I think in the spoiler sense, I liked gen.8 the best. It still things I didn't know about prior to playing, but I preferred it to going in completely blind.