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Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Fiery_Lugia, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Fiery_Lugia ニャンパス~


    I used the codes PIKACHU20 and PIKACHUM20 on pokemon sun. They both give Pikashunium z. What will happen if I have 2 pikashunim Z??

  2. When did you use the codes?
  3. Fiery_Lugia ニャンパス~


    Used PIKACHU20 for original hat and used PIKACHUM20 today, didn’t take from deliveryman yet.
  4. well, i don't know what will happen.
  5. Attix Electric Delivery Driver from Washington


    You'll just get one. Z-crystals don't work like other items; once you get one in-game, you basically trigger a flag that says you're allowed to use it. You may notice that you can give the same Z-crystal to several different Pokémon, and it will disappear if you trade a Pokémon holding one to a game that doesn't have that crystal yet -- although it will appear to have been traded if that game does have it -- because it's not really "held" by a Pokémon, just a condition that you assign to it that takes up its item slot.
  6. Zebuum Just your average guy


    AFAIK you will only get one, considering the game would send a signal saying "Hey, this guy already got one!"

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