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Are my trades good

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I got more Oshawotts then YOU (203)
OK sorry if this is not perfect this is my first post but any ways this is my trade thread

INTRO: Is there any Pokemon you have always wanted? Then this Trade Thread is for you!
^ Yes I know it is a sucky intro but I dont really care

My Stuff under this banner

My Stuff


Ash's Pikachu event, TRU Arceus I will also take any GBA game event or Events I don't Have. UNOVA POKEMON I will trade pokemon to you from my SS if you trade pokemon to my White. GIMME OSHAWOTTS! WILL TRADE A SHINY FOR AN ABSURD AMOUNT OF OSHAWOTTS

OFFERS: I have every single Pokemon lvl hundred, Max IV'd, NON-HACKED and with 85 EV's in each stat and the events below. So just make me a offer and I will try to get to you as soon as possible. All my Events are UT unless listed differently.

Gen V ShinysI now have most of the Unova pokemon in their shiny form :D They are all Lv.100
UN-hacked and most with either decent or perfect IV's
I also have a TON of rare 5th gen items so if you need any power items or EV berries or really any items you know who to call :D
Japanese Crown Entei UT
Japanese Crown Suicune UT
Japanese Crown Raikou UT
Gamestop Jirachi UT
Japanese Movie 10 Celebi UT
Shiny Lv. 100 Oak's letter Shaymin Max ev'd x2
Japanese Wi-fi mew lvl seven UT I used berries to make it untouched x 4
VGC Shiny Eevee UT
English Celebi GMESTP UT
New moon Shiny Darkrai Lv. 100 max ev'd x2
Snow point Temple Shiny Regigigas max ev'd lv.100 x2
Shiny Embedded Tower Groudon max ev'd lv.100
Shiny Embedded Tower Kyogre max ev'd lv.100
Shiny Embedded Tower Rayquaza max ev'd lv.100
Enigma Stone ShinyLatias max ev'd lv.100
Shiny Pokemon Ranger Manaphy max ev'd lv.100
Ash's Pikachu UT x2
Event Arceus UT
Hall of Origin Shiny Arceus x2 max ev'd lv.100
VGC Shiny Milotic UT
GAMESTP Shiny Pichu UT
Nintendo World Manaphy Max EV'd Lv.100
Wi-Fi Celebi Max EV'd Lv.100
Nintendo World Celebi Lv.100 max ev'd
10th Aniversery Blaziken UT Lv. 70
TRU Dragonite UT Lv.50
PCNY 2004 Flygon UT LV.45
10th Aniv Celebi UT Lv. 70
Japanese Event Slowpoke/king UT Lv.30
Pokemon Movie 11 Japanese Victini UT Lv.50
Japanese ANA Darkrai
Shiny EV'd Volcarona Lv.100 Spread told upon request
Shiny Cobaloin UT Lv. 42 x2
Shiny Spiritomb Lv.1 UT
Shiny Dialga Lv. 1 UT
Japanese Shiny Zorua Lv.1 UT
Shiny Litwick Lv.26 UT

Deoxys x4
Rotom x5
Mewtwo x2
Articuno x2
Zapdos x2
Moltres x2
Mew x2
Raikou x2
Entei x2
Suicune x2
Lugia x2
Ho-oh x2
Celebi x 2
Regice x2
Regirock x2
Registeel x2
Latias x2
Latios x2
Kyogre x2
Groudon x2
Rayquaza x2
Uxie x2
Mesprit x2
Azelf x2
Dialga x2
Palkia x2
Heatran x2
Regigigas x2
Cresselia x2
Manaphy x2
Phione x1
Arceus x2
Giritina lv. 1 NN Arceus II

Please keep in mind that i got this a few hours ago
Audino Lv. 11 UT
Sawk Lv. 15 UT
Throh lv. 12 UT
Miccino Lv. 19 UT
Solosis Lv. 19 UT
Axew Lv. 30 UT x3
Karrablast Lv. 22 UT
Elgyem Lv. 26 UT
Drillbur Lv. 29 UT
Zebstrika Lv. 29 UT
Drudigon Lv. 30 UT
Golett Lv. 30 UT
Shelmet Lv. 31 UT
Palpitoad Lv. 30 UT
Stunfisk Lv. 31 UT
Pawnaird Lv.31 UT
Rufflet Lv. 39 UT x2
Deino Lv. 39 UT
Heatmoor Lv.38 UT
Fraxure Lv. 40 UT
Meinfoo Lv. 38 UT
Meinfoo Lv.41 UT
Deino Lv.38 UT
Cobaloin Lv. 42 UT
Zekrom Lv. 50 touched by half a exp bar
Woobat Lv. 30
Togepi Lv.5 UT x4
Happiny Lv.5 UT x2
Hoppip Lv.5 UT
Tropius Lv.60 UT
Jigglypuff Lv.58 UT
Lotad Lv.5 UT
Abra Lv.5 UT x2
Nidoran Female Lv.5 UT
Farfetch'd Lv. 19 and 30 UT
Audino Lv.50 UT
Rapidash Lv. 49 UT
Vicintini Lv.15 UT
Combee Lv.47 UT
Corsola Lv.50 UT
Corsola Lv.42 UT
Staryu Lv.50 UT
Buizel Lv.28 UT
Meinfoo Lv.49
Basculin Lv.26 (Blue-stripe)
Absol Lv.48 UT
Wingull Lv.30 UT
Sneasel Lv.48 UT
Escaliver Lv.22 UT
Tirtuga Lv.25 UT
Milotic Lv.53 UT
Swanna Lv.47 UT
Zen mode Darmation Lv.36 T by 1 Lv.
Marowak Lv.47 UT
Alomomola Lv.6 UT
Darmation Lv.52 T
Gliscor Lv.50 UT
Ducklett Lv.24 UT
Combee Lv.47 UT
Cherrim Lv.48 UT
Dunsparce Lv.48 UT
Poochyena Lv.2 UT
Pawniard Lv.50 UT
Shiny Watchog Lv. 47UT
Shiny Tympole Lv. 15 UT
Shiny Petilil Lv. 14 UT
Shiny Sewaddle Lv. 14 UT
Shiny Trubbish Lv. 19 UT
Shiny GERMAN Heatran Lv.50 UT
Larvitar Lv.1 UT Dragon Dance
Dunsparce Lv.59 UT
Metapod Lv.59 UT
Sunkern Lv.47 UT
Pinsir Lv.50 UT
Shellder Lv.54 UT
Luvdisc Lv.39 UT
Krabby Lv.52 UT
Camerupt Lv.53 T by half a Lv.
Suicune Lv.40 UT
65 Oshawotts UT Lv.1
Japanese Steelix Lv.33 UT
Zoroark Lv.25 UT
Japanese Shiny Dragonite Lv.95 T
Japanese Kabutops Lv.40 T
Shiny Gothitelle Lv.41

UNOVA WANTS: OSHAWOTTS!! Really just anything leave me a post saying your offer


Please no hacked Pokemon they just ruin the game

I do not care is the Pokemon you trade is UT or touched.

I now except clones as I expect you will to because i will be trading clones.

Please People use good grammar! I will exept u and plz and stuff like that but use moderation dont go kuu for cool (sorry Darkrai_24 for picking on you).

If you are going to be bland about your post please state who you are directing it to

NO ARGUING AT ALL. If you have a argument please PM

Completed Trade's:
LillipupFTW 2 times
ElectricPokemonMaster multiple times

All the Items on a Gen IV game (Free unless it is a rare Item or you want a vast quantity)
PokeTransferring (Free unless you want a LOT of transfers and/or the transfer contains a rare or Legendary Pokemon for the rarer it is the harder to catch....)
Breeding (Mostly free but again depends. I can IV breed but not very good at it. Egg move Breeding, and regular breeding is available as well :D )

The Breeders:

These are people who I have enlisted to be my breeders :D

They are Awesome and trust-worthy :D If you need something breeded it will be by them so I can offer breeding as a service as mine even though it will be one of them who will do the breeding :D
If you want to apply to be a breeder you must fill out this form:
Past experiences (like how long you have been breeding):
Types of Breeding you offer:
Some Pokemon you can breed with success:
Your wanted fee:

Weekly Mission
This week's mission is a:
Pokemon: Litwick
IV's: Pretty high
Nature: Modest or Timid
Move 1: Doesn't matter
Move 2:Doesn't matter
Move 3: Doesn't matter
Move 4: Doesn't matter
Due date: 5/14/2011

Also to all my breeders I supply you with Pokemon, Power Items, Everstones and any other items you might need
About your "Fee": After you complete a mission I will grade you on how quickly you finished and your over all performence. After you complete 4 missins you will recive your pay :D


Rules: You get to customize your pokemon that you chose. please fill out this form LIMIT ONE CUSTOM PER 2 DAYS SO ACT NOW!


Pokemon Name:




Dont copy this part

Pending PokeCustoms: RichKid50000
PM or comment to be on this list

No more non-trade lists/blacklists. Stop adding them to the thread.

dmaster out.

Happy trading! :):):):)


I got more Oshawotts then YOU (203)
RE: OshawottFan's Trade Thread

I didn't rare candy
But sry I just checked and they are all max ev'd sorry for the confusion and yes that is my first post so slack off

I edited my post too

Rusty Sticks

♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
RE: OshawottFan's Trade Thread

^Then how are they untouched? Did you hack to make them all appear at 100?


I got more Oshawotts then YOU (203)
RE: OshawottFan's Trade Thread

I just said I EVed them. While I am EVing them I got them to a hundred

:( I don't Hack! :(


RE: OshawottFan's Trade Thread

I have an ev'd lv. 100 Swampert, an UT Ash's Pikachu, and an UT Michuna Arceus. Do you have a a max ev'd lv. 100 Scizor?


I got more Oshawotts then YOU (203)
RE: OshawottFan's Trade Thread

Slick Mario: It is ok

123wert50: Yes I do It is max Ev'd and Iv'd lvl hundred hardy my FC is in my signiture :D


I got more Oshawotts then YOU (203)
RE: OshawottFan's Trade Thread

They are maxed out dude what else is there to say not to be rude
But Stats are 302 HP 317 attack 257 defense 167 sp. attack 217 sp. defense 187 speed
I can make it hold a Item if you want


Aspiring Trainer
RE: OshawottFan's Trade Thread

He wants to know what the spread is. Like is it 252 Atk/ 252 Spd/ 4 Def?


I got more Oshawotts then YOU (203)
RE: OshawottFan's Trade Thread

BUMP: come on no one has a Swampert, Areus or Ash's Pikachu? I will now allow offers beyond what my wants section says
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