Pokemon Opinion on Giving Nicknames to your Pokémon

I used to not nickname my pokémon... Never really liked the idea and I prefer to call them by their species name. However, I decided to try it with my in-game team from Alpha Sapphire, and then did the same to my other 'mons from Omega Ruby and Y, and started liking the idea a bit more.
Still, the fact I can't rename them if I transfer them to the next gen (I can't nickname my teams from Gen V, for example) or nickname traded pokémon is a bummer and as such, I will probably remove the nicknames before I transfer them to Gen 7.
So, in general, I don't like it otherwise I wouldn't mind keeping the nicknames even if I couldn't changed them afterwards. It's like tatoos. Since I'm never sure of the nickname, I don't want to keep it without being able to change it, in case I might regret it.
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Hardly do I nickname any of them actually. Only if the pokemon has a bad name or if I find one that fits totally to them. I remember breeding a charmander for Mega Charizard X (Because I don't like any other form of the Charmander family, but I really like Mega X) and naming her Azula. Azula is my favourite fictional character and well...Blue Flames, you know. I really enjoyed that one. But for the record, I rarely nickname my pokemon.
It makes me feel closer to the Pokemon I love. Its like naming a pet. You don't call your animal what you call their species.
I only nickname Pokemon for the sake of Nuzlocke runs, usually with a mythology theme. Fenrir is a go-to nickname for Mightyena, for example.
I don't usually nickname my Pokemon unless for three reasons:

  1. Nuzlocking.
  2. They're my main battle team (or possible battle team).
  3. I dislike their name and want to give them a better one (for example, I never don't name my Snivy "Smugleaf")
I nickname all my Pokemon that will be on my teams, or Pokemon I raise post-game. The names I choose are either not real names (Celon the Archeops and Calten the Houndoom for example), real names (Nicole the Absol and Xerses the male Meowstic, to name a few), random words that I think would be good names (Storm the Gallade and Fortune the Arcanine), or Latin (Superbia the Unfezant and Tempest the Raikou).
From Gen 1 to Diamond and Pearl, I absolutely hated nicknames and never nicknamed any of my Pokemon. Then in Platinum and HG/SS I decided to give naming a try. Most of them were kinda uncreative, just a shortening of the Pokemon's name. After that, I usually nicknamed most of my team members and only gave other Pokemon nicknames if they fit. Samurott Jackie, Bowmont the Sylveon, Blade the Haxorus and Monica the Cosplay Pikachu (named after a bizarre knockoff product) to name a few. I still wish I named my Sapphire Flygon Sugarcube.
I nickname them all! I typically try to give them a name that's a pun, but occasionally I'll do a themed name run. Back in high school, I replayed through Leaf Green and nicknamed each one after a random anime/manga character. It entertained me greatly while at my grandparents' place.

There's just somethin' about namin' them that I love. Always have, always will.