Online TCG beta launched.

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Hi, Is a French version is planned?? English is not necessarily a concern for me but I hope those responsible will not forget the Europeans.
Sorry if my sentence is not perfect.
Do you know if you will be able to play real people, or is it all virtual? It didn't work at all for me this morning, but I'll try again now.
Wait... The oldest cards in the game right now is SF. D-does that mean that -*swallow*- rotation is going to be SF-on!?
^I can see why you would think that, and to be honest, that thought scares me too....
Yoshidude10 said:
Where is the program? I can't find it.
There's a link to it in my sig.

Maybe they'll do a mid season SF-on rotation and rotate some other sets after worlds.
But that's all speculation and that's all it will be until we get some real information.
Haha, I love how the opponent can use cards such as Jumpluff, Machamp, and Gengar, while we're stuck with starter decks. It's almost like they're getting back at the good players for pwn'ing noobs in real life. I took Jumpluff out with my Meganium and a Plus Power. I can't wait until I can play this for real with my decks. Goodbye Redshark!
Ok, this thread is basically useless. Discuss in the Front Page News Forum.


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