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Welcome to the official thread for the Omnium template!
Click the image for the templates.

This template is here to satisfy all your faking needs. Any gimmick ever used in the game is at your disposal!* That's right! Every single one, and then some! You heard it, no more looking at a blank card and thinking Man, I wish Pokémon LEGEND were supported in the same format as Crystal Pokémon! These 6 templates are all you need to make that wish come true!

Where can I get these reportedly magnanimous templates? I hear you ask. Well, give that preview image a click and you'll be in the right place! There will also always be a link to the templates in my PokéBeach signature as well. The link on that page will be up to date with the latest iterations of all the templates you need to make custom Omnium cards!

*A small selection of card types are not yet available as I'm still working on them, but rest assured, whatever is missing will make it on these templates!

An In-Depth Guide to Making Omnium Pokémon Cards (and also the change log)

2020.12.1 - Version 2.1 - The Holon Update

  • All of the name-specific rules from the Card Top folder have been compressed into one Top Rule folder to reduce clutter. This folder retains the Unown Rule from the previous version, but can be manually edited to bring back the other rules.
  • Added symbols for Team Cobalt and Zeta Unit to the SP Symbols folder.
  • Renamed the Dual Type (EX) and the Dual Type (STS) folders to Dual Type and Dual Type (TT), respectively. Dual Type Pokémon should now use the Dual Type folder for cards depicting a single Pokémon and the Dual Type (TT) folder for Tag Teams or other cards depicting multiple Pokémon. Both should still use the Dual Type Tag in the Tags folder.
  • Created a folder with pre-set blending options for the evocon.
  • Grouped the top, middle, and bottom tags into their own folders.
  • Added a Team ____ Tag to the Tags folder.
  • Added a Special Pokémon tag for Pokémon worth 2 or more prizes.
  • Added unique illustration border for Prism Star cards.
  • Added unique DNA illustration border for Delta Species on the Base Blank only.
  • Mega rules have been removed from the Standard Borders folder.
  • Baby rules have been removed from the Mega Borders folder.
  • Special Pokémon rules have been removed from the Standard Borders and Mega Borders folders. Now they can only be found in the Extra Rules Lower folder.
  • The Mega Evolution Rule (Om) and Mega Evolution Rule folders have been renamed to Omnium Mega Rule and Official Mega Rule, respectively, for easier visibility.
  • Updated the text container for the Mega, Baby, Held Item, BREAK, Technical Machine, and Pokémon Tool F rules to flow seamlessly into the main illustration border. The Mega EX Rule has not been updated at this time.
  • The Omnium Mega Evolution rule has been updated to read You can't have more than 1 Mega Evolution Pokémon in play. instead of You can't have more than 1 Mega Evolution Pokémon in your deck.
  • The C in cards for the Special Pokémon rules has been made lowercase.
  • The TAG TEAM rule has been updated to read ...1 more Prize card. instead of ...3 Prize cards.
  • Added a container for rules for Holon Pokémon in the Extra Rules Lower folder.
  • Added a Mega Stone backdrop to all templates except the BREAK Template.
  • Added a + to the Weakness modifier for easier editing (just remove the modifier you don't want).
  • Updated the default Resistance modifier from -30 to -20.
  • Simplified the layers for the Retreat Cost.
  • Updated the copyright date to 2021.
  • Added a Yellow A Alternate Art symbol to the set info area.
  • Added card borders for Dark and Light Pokémon. (Special thanks to Aschefield101 for the colors!)
  • Card Type copy, Card Type Flare, Flare Plaque, and Silver Plaque have been removed from the Trainer template as they were never developed to satisfaction and are no longer used.
  • The Pokémon Tool F rule has been updated to say ...Special Pokémon… instead of ...Pokémon-ex, Pokémon-EX, and Pokémon-GX…
  • The Pokémon Tool F rule in the Extra Rules Lower folder has been fixed.
  • The folder for the red background glow for Pokémon Tool F cards has been named Tool F Glow.
  • Made some drastic aesthetic upgrades to the Energy Template.
  • The BREAK Evolution rule has been generalized to say This Pokémon… instead of [Pokémon] BREAK.
  • Applied a slight shadow to all non-outlined white text elements on LEGEND cards for easier readability.
  • Mirrored the Fire type texture on the LEGEND Template so its pattern matches the other types.
  • Fixed the Black Star Promo symbol on the Golden Template.[
  • Moved the WRRC Backs layer to underneath the backdrops on the Golden Template. (These should be turned off when any backdrops would overlap with them anyway.)
  • Brightened up all silver borders on all blanks.
  • Remade the Fairy type background texture.
  • Removed the blue Darkness type background texture.
  • Added the proper Dragon type texture to the BREAK Template and the Trainer Template.
  • Abilities on Metal type Pokémon and Fairy type Pokémon should now use the Indigo (4d087c) color for the name of the Ability.
  • The Sunlava Pattern Overlays have been removed from most layers.
  • A texture pack has been added to the Google Drive.
  • Made the guide public, though it is incomplete.

    Terms of Use

    These cards are free to use and modify as you like in any way, but I do have a couple of rules that should be followed in their use.
    • Do not remove CardPone from the copyright info at the bottom of each template.
    • Do not use my templates to create offensive, lewd, or otherwise provocative cards.
    • Please link back to this thread or the deviation page on deviantArt whenever you post these online, if possible.
    Additionally, while it's not required, I would appreciate it if you posted a link to your creation in either this thread or as a comment on the deviation page. I love to see what people do with my templates!
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Delta Species is best species


ATTENTION! Most of the following information is outdated and no longer correct. I'm working on a document that will clarify things.

While there are no strict limitations to the cards you make outside of the above Terms of Use, some may be interested in the specifics behind the design and balance choices of cards made for the template. Therefore, below I've compiled a list of guidelines to help understand why some cards may appear odd.

  • Format: All cards made with this template are made for custom format called the Omnium Format, which is meant to be balanced for the 2010-2011 Standard Rotation. That is, it should be able to fairly compete with sets between Legends Awakened and Black & White base set, though cards from Diamond & Pearl base set all the up through Noble Victories are also acceptable to reference for balancing.
  • Wording: Cards made with this template should use the wording from the SM block, or cards from Sun & Moon base set through Hidden Fates, or the latest relevant wording for effects that have not appeared in the SM block. Exceptions do exist, however. Specifically, "Defending Pokémon" should be used to refer to the Pokémon receiving an attack, while " your opponent's Active Pokémon" should be used to refer more generally to the Pokémon in the Active spot. In keeping with the spirit of the cards, one should be mindful of double-battles or other multi-battles when writing the effects. Terms such as "each of your opponent's Active Pokémon" should become more common for attacks that would normally hit multiple Pokémon, such as Blizzard or Diamond Storm. Additionally, effects only meant to target one opponent may need to include the term "1 of your opponent's Active Pokémon." Additionally, due to the nature of the cards having so many different gimmicks, it is necessary to bring back EX-era wording such as "Pokémon with X in their name" instead of SM's "X (including Pokémon GX)".
  • Card Count: In order to avoid monstrously sized sets like we've seen in the later SM sets, I've instated a personal guideline for the amount of cards that should appear in a single set. This is by no means a hard rule, though.
    The smallest official set was Fossil with 62 cards and the largest set was Unified Minds with 258 cards (including secret rares).
    Within the 2010/2011 Standard Format, the smallest set was Undaunted with 91 cards while the largest was Legends Awakened with 146 cards.
    Cards in the Omnium Format are recommend to have between 80 and 130 cards.
    Subsets are recommended to have fewer than 60 cards.
  • Card Order: The ordering for cards in Omnium sets is the same as the ordering for SM cards. That is, in the set list, the Pokémon should be ordered by type and then Pokédex number, and should come in the order of Grass, Fire, Water, Lightning, Psychic, Fighting, Darkness, Metal, Fairy, Dragon, Flying, Colorless, No Type, Rainbow, Trainer, Special Energy, and Basic Energy. Full art cards and Pokémon LEGEND should go after Basic Energy if there are any. All other gimmicks should be in with their normal counterparts. If you include multiple types of secret rares, they should follow the order of Gold Star, Crystal Pokémon, and Golden Pokémon. The one exception in Omnium ordering the differs it from SM ordering is that Tag Team Pokémon should use the Pokémon with the lower Pokédex number to determine where it should go rather than putting it the front of its type.
  • Attack Cost Order: Regardless of the Pokémon's type, if an attack costs multiple types of energy, the cost of their attack should follow the order of Grass, Fire, Water, Lightning, Psychic, Fighting, Darkness, Metal, Fairy, and Colorless. Officially, Dragon and Flying have no energy types (just like Dragon has no basic Energy type in the official TCG), but if you choose to include them, Dragon should go after Fairy, and Flying after Dragon.
  • Evolution: All Pokémon need to evolve to get to their evolved forms, including Shining Pokémon, Pokémon SP, Pokémon EX, Pokémon ☆, and Pokémon ♢. The only exceptions should be Pokémon Tag Team GX and Pokémon LEGEND, though both can also include evolution mechanics.
  • Gimmicks: While all gimmicks are available in this template, many are clearly too powerful to use their native balancing. Therefore, many need to be toned back quite a bit to maintain a proper balance within the Omnium format.
    • Baby Pokémon: All baby Pokémon should have 30 HP, except Munchlax who may have up to 50 HP. If Riolu and Togepi are counted as Baby Pokémon, Riolu may have up to 50 HP and Togepi may have up to 40 HP.
    • Pokémon SP: Pokémon SP should also state the name of their individual trainer in addition to the kind of SP Pokémon they are. For example, Shuckle GL should say "Gym Leader Brock's Pokémon" instead of just "Gym Leader's Pokémon". This also applies in cases such as "Team Plasma Grunt's Pokémon", etc. The trainer portrait should also be zoomed out so that bottom of the border lines up approximately with the trainer's hip rather than zooming in on their face.
    • Pokémon-ex/EX: As per the rule in which all Pokémon must evolve to reach their evolved forms, Pokémon-ex and Pokémon-EX are functionally identical in Omnium. Both are allowed, but Pokémon-ex is the preferred look of the two. These can have 20-50 more HP than their regular counterparts, with the most common HP increase being 30.
    • Pokémon GX: As Pokémon-ex/EX, but with their signature once-per-game GX Attack.
    • Pokémon LV.X: Pokémon LV.X should have 10-30 more HP than their previous evolution, with the most common HP increase being 20.
    • Pokémon BREAK: Pokémon BREAK should have 20-30 more HP than the previous evolution.
    • Pokémon LEGEND: Pokémon LEGEND which feature only one Pokémon should have an HP around 130 and 140.
      Pokémon LEGEND which feature two Pokémon should have an HP around 140 to 160.
    • Pokémon Prime: Pokémon Prime can have up to 20 HP more than their regular counterparts.
    • Pokémon Tag Team: Tag Teams can have up to 60 HP more than (or 150% of) a regular counterpart of either Pokémon represented on the card.
    • Mega Pokémon: Mega Pokémon can have up to 50 more HP than their previous evolution.
    • Legendary Pokémon/Ultra Beasts: Legendary Pokémon and Ultra Beasts should always be tagged as such on the card. This normally appears underneath the HP of the Pokémon, except on the bottom half of Pokémon LEGEND, where it appears above the retreat cost. In Omnium, Legendary is an umbrella term that also refers to Mythical Pokémon. If a card features both a Legendary Pokémon and an Ultra Beast, then both tags need to be used, though this may require some slight editing to keep the proper look.
  • Holo Patterns: For the moment, some holo patterns are still being settled on. But for the moment, the holo patterns used in my sets are the following: Promo cards and Pokémon-LEGEND should always use the cosmo holo pattern found on official Black Star Promos and Pokémon LEGEND. The preferred holosheet to be used on this is aschefield101's Galaxy HoloSheet v3. For regular cards in main sets, a holo pattern that is a combination of icycatelf's XY Holosheet and aschefield101's XY Holosheet, which is included in the main file with all the proper presets and blending options. Pokémon GX should use the Sunlava holosheet. Pokémon BREAK should use the standard BREAK holosheet, which is included in the main file.

Tips and Info

    • Illustration Size: The Omnium templates were made to be quite large to reduce pixelation or blur when you print them. The trade off is this can put more limits on the artwork you can use on the card without it looking clearly digitally enlarged. While you are allowed to shrink the size of the template to avoid this problem, it does rather defeat the purpose of a large template. Below are the minimum dimensions an artwork should be to fit the default-sized illustration window.
      • Base and Golden Templates: 1094 x 729 pixels
      • Mega Template: 1094 x 879 pixels
      • GX Template: 1160 x 1301 pixels
      • Full Art Template: 1260 x 1760 pixels or 1160 x 1660 pixels (depending on whether or not you want opaque borders)
      • Trainer Template: 1084 x 628 pixels
      • Special Energy Template: 1160 x 887 pixels
      • Basic Energy Template: 1160 x 1504 pixels
      • LEGEND Template: 1587 x 1497 pixels
      • BREAK Template: 1660 x 1101 pixels
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Delta Species is best species
Below is the directory for all cards I have made using my Omnium templates, along with the few cards I've made with other templates.

Main Sets
Holon has faded from memory for most, but a new research team has shown interest in the project and has rebooted the quest to find Mew. But some things have changed in the interrim. New secrets of the Holon region are ready to be discovered...

Years have passed since the last researchers left Holon, but a new expedition - Zeta Unit - has led scientists, trainers, and explorers alike back to the mysterious Mirage Forest, now home to many creatures never seen in the region before. New discoveries await, and the research team hopes to find a rekindled hope in their search for the elusive Mew, and perhaps even more. But a sense lingers in the air that not everything has been left just as it was once the original Holon settlement was left behind. What new secrets and surprises lie in wait as the new Holon scientists return to continue their research?

>> PB Thread
>> Card Gallery

Future set names:
Currently not set in stone
Omnium 2: Dual Fates (DUF)
Omnium 3: New Encounters (NEE)
Omnium 4: Ancients Awakened (ANA)
Omnium 5: Islands of Mist (ISM)

Other Cards
Updates in this thread. Stay tuned!
I'm currently moving and reorganizing my set lists. This will come back soon.
Updates also in this thread! Stay tuned!
This includes one-off cards I've made over the years as well as more Lackey-friendly versions of my Create-a-Card entries that have been updated with the feedback from the judging post.

>> Card Gallery

CL01 - Tapu Koko
CL02 - Silvally LEGEND
CL03 - Silvally LEGEND
CL04 - Anorith
CL05 - Armaldo
CL06 - Snow Miku's Alolan Vulpix
CL07 - Dark Sylveon
CL08 - Sawsbuck
CL09 - Dragapult
CL10 - Reach Energy
CL11 - Sylveon ☆
CL12 - Oricorio
CL13 - Naked Togepi
CL14 - Shuckle δ
Updates in Create-a-Card threads.

>> Card Gallery

CaC 01 & CaC 02: Silvally LEGEND - July 2019 (React Energy)
CaC 03: Anorith - September 2019 (Bug Pokémon)
CaC 04: Armaldo - November 2019 (Ancient Pokémon)
CaC 05: Sawsbuck - January 2020 (Forgotten Pokémon)
CaC 06: Dragapult - March 2020 (Generation 8)
CaC 07: Oricorio (Sensu Style) - November 2020 (Ghost Pokémon)
CaC 08: Shuckle δ - January 2021 (New Year, New Type)
CaC 08: Medicham

Will be updated with all new cards and sets I make as they become available.
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Delta Species is best species
A rough set list for Frontiers Renewed has been added. I have also been sporadically adding cards to Intrinsic Collection. Those can also all be seen in the folder. I haven't been giving those their own posts as so far they are all cards that have been posted at least once in the Discord. Once never-before seen cards begin to be finished, those will merit their own post.


Delta Species is best species
Going to be making changes to this thread soon. The second post will probably be removed as most of the information on it is no longer correct and the card lists will probably be mostly migrated to their own dedicated threads. I'll keep updates as to what's going on.


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Where can I get the fonts for this? Specifically the one that would let me edit the Dual Type Tag; "PokmonFake"?

Thanks, sorry if you're no longer doing anything with these templates and I have managed to bother you!
Someone on this Discord server could probably help.
I thought the fonts were in the Google drive folder, though. Isn’t “Poké” what you need?