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Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by ekria, Feb 9, 2018.

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    Recently I downloaded Pokemon Crystal and I am playing a Japanese version. I got to Goldenrod city yesterday and wanted to get an odd egg. However, I chatted with all the people in the PCC as well as the Day Care Man and I did not receive any Egg Ticket or odd egg. I just wondering what step I missed. Does anyone can help me?

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    Maybe it doesn't work in the (virtual) Japanese version?? Because it works fine in English.

    Remember, the Egg Ticket does not exist any more because the real life event associated with it in Japan has ended long ago.
  3. ekria Aspiring Trainer


    Well, actually I went to serebii and it said 'In the Japanese version, players get an Egg Ticket from the Day Care Man which must be redeemed at the Pokemon Communication Center in Goldenrod City. Any of the baby Pokemon have a 50% rate of being shiny.' I thought the odd egg can be received in both versions. it just makes me confused
  4. bbb888 same user name as my YouTube channel


    If you are on serebii website, go to the Pokemon Crystal page and click on Mobile Events link near the bottom.
    Like I said, all of these events have already ended, obviously, including the Egg Ticket.
    But this only applies to the Japanese version.

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