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Folks from my league have been asking if I could host some sort of tournament for them on PTCGO. If anyone here would be interested, make a post here. If enough people would want to play throughout the groups I'm asking, like my league and PokeBeach for example, would any of you be interested in participating? I can't promise prize support for top places, but it sure would break the monotony of whats going on, don't you think?

This event, should enough people be interested, would follow the same procedures and ruleset as the PokeBeach tournaments used in the past, only this time I won't get hit by a car and spend forever trying to get myself back together. Million Dollar Man, over here.

Let me know if you'd be interested by the end of this weekend. This would have to be coordinated with people who aren't PokeBeach users, so they'll be some logistical things to work through and I may enable Challonge's self-reporting feature.
If there were to be a PTCGO tournament happening , can we ban a few cards first? Namely Oranguru UPR and Arceus Dialga & Palkia TTGX CEC.
There’s always limitless...

I just feel that especially in a tournament where the host wants to recreate a league, people should be creative have the most fun possible. Stall and ADP are pretty much the opposite of both.