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Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Water Pokémon Master, Aug 18, 2017.

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  2. aschefield101 is behind you !


    Still the only word I can think of, is meh :(
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  3. jessalakasam Floette is love Floette is life


    HYPE! This trailer showed us pokemon following you, a possible adventure in Kanto (with Ryuki in Surge's gym) and a new pokemon on the sides of the box art
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  4. Rcxd9999 Aspiring Trainer


    There was another trailer that revealed that Kommo-o has a new Z-move called Clangorous Soulblaze which hits both opposing Pokemon in a double battle and boosts all of Kommo-o stats by one stage.

    Also, based on the Rockruff chasing the main character in the trailer, it might be safe to assume Pokemon can follow you. If so, that would be awesome. Edit: Never mind. When the main character is running through town slightly later in the trailer, there is no Pokemon following. Oh well.

    Another epic thing is that the trailer seems to hint that we'll being going to Kanto. If you look closely, you'll see that Ryuki is standing is standing in a place that looks very similar to Lt. Surge's Gym in Kanto. While I'm a little tired of all the times we've been to Kanto, if we get to go there in Gen 7 as well as Alola, then I can't wait.

    Just one other thing. At the end of both of the trailers, does the star at the top of the screen have eyes or is that just me?

    Here's the Kommo-o trailer:

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  5. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    New Z-Moves, possible Kanto visit, new areas, etc. Very excited!
  6. Cottonmouth25 Flying-type Enthusiast


    Pokémon following the player around in the overworld would be awesome to see again. Haven't seen that since HGSS.

    People are making a huge deal about what looks like Surge's Gym, but I for one am sick of the Gen 1 references. Red and Blue in Sun/Moon was cool, and I liked the Nugget Bridge at Malie Garden, but now, the lengths to which Game Freak are going to appease the genwunners is really getting old. Kanto has been done to death already.

    Other than that, I'm really looking forward to these new games. Let's keep the hype train rolling. :D
  7. His Goominess Galvantula stan
    His Goominess


    I can see it too, and on the boxart of the two games the bright light (on the right side of US and the left on UM) seem to be what looks like half of a same star shape and there are obvious eye-shaped objects on them - I found it easier to notice looking at them side to side. I'm certain they're the exact same at the shot at the end of the trailer. Since Necrozma has eyes that are made up of multi coloured shapes, I wouldn't be too surprised if they have some relation to it.

    Other thoughts:
    New Z moves: I'm not too surprised as to seeing these. I hope that a fair few other Pokemon get their own ones (plus hopefully new ones for Decidueye, Primarina and Incineroar since it would be nice to have something new with them, plus it would be neat if all of them got a Z move for both of their types)
    'New' Alola: I'd be lying if I said I didn't absolutely adore the sunset colours and Ultra Wormhole on the new map but.... it just looks like Alola with sunset colours + an Ultra Wormhole (I haven't looked at it in huge detail so if there are any smaller changes then I stand corrected). Hopefully we at least go through it in a different way to S/M.
    Possible Pokemon following trainer: I'd actually quite like this. With the Wingull in the initial trailer, then Rockruff in this one, it does seem like it could likely come back.
    Kanto: I'm honestly kinda just over the whole Kanto thing. It seems like so many things are referencing it, and it's kinda just... not exciting me anymore.

    Although I will say, I find the boxart very visually appealing. The different colours work together well and I do think Solagelo/Necrozma and Lunala/Necrozma are pretty cool.

    I'm not totally sold on these yet; I might pass on them until I see what the general fan consensus on them is. Hopefully we'll get more substantial info soon.
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  8. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    I don't think the rockruff following the player is a for sure sign of Pokemon following like hgss. You can see later on the mc running through a town and no Pokemon. I can't imagine they will bring it back this is Pokemon they never bring back the stuff that people actually like
  9. BENDsli Aspiring Trainer


    May just be oversite, but there are some beaches in the map picture that are not locked shut with rock chains. . . Just saying. . .
  10. Pangoro#1999 Fear the bear


    japan gets nice red and blue boxes like with oras. Hope Europe gets them too, but it doesn't seem like that is the case going by the trailer on the official channel.
  11. Lostlorn Forest Sinnoh is the best region
    Lostlorn Forest


    YESS! Pokemon following you again! I need absolute confirmation from Nintendo first before I get too excited. It would make sense since they animated running animations for all 700 Pokemon in SM... If it's true and they utilized it in this game, it's an insta-buy. :p
  12. Pangoro#1999 Fear the bear


    just saying but there are already 800 pokemon. typing that makes me feel really old since I clearly remember the point when there where only 493.
  13. Bewear_of the night ahead Fear me, for I am the ruler in the North!
    Bewear_of the night ahead


    Well as far as the Pokémon follow feature goes, we may have an option to walk with our pokemon in certain areas? (i.e. Open fields, surfing, by the beach, etc.) So there still may be hope and that is my ultimate wish; to have pokemon walk with us in the current gen.
  14. Bewear_of the night ahead Fear me, for I am the ruler in the North!
    Bewear_of the night ahead


    But it would be awesome and that would be a lot of assets to add into the game. I wonder if the developers worked on S&M and Ultra S&M concurrently* to get the sprites just right.
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  15. Mr. Rhyperior The Drill Pokemon. An evolve form of Rhydon.
    Mr. Rhyperior


    I love the new Trainer Battle theme, Opening theme, and Wild Battle theme. But Kommo's Z-Move will win Worlds next year.

    To obtain Clangorous Soulblaze, KommoO must learn Clanging Scales amd holding "Kommonium? Z". Because it is a Dragon-type move.
  16. Ramo0927 I am a


    Yea you gotta have Clanging Scales cuz thats its signature move

    Its funny how in the Video Games Kommo-o is now amazing but in the TCG he is bad XD
  17. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

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    Wow, that Z move looks broken..Unless it's a charge move, which I suspect it is.

    Aside from that, not much info, and no info that would make me even slightly interested in buying this game.
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  18. Perfect_Shot Standard sucks, so Ban Expanded


    Well, it looks like TPCi will opt to completely ruin the story and everything else 5 minutes before the game releases, just like last time.

    If only they knew how bad waiting so long just to release important, interesting information for their games is, maybe myself and some others wouldn't be so disappointed.
  19. Mitja veteran smartass


    The main thing that got my attention was the face in the light that @Rcxd9999 and @His Goominess already mentioned.

    (Am I breaking some rule if I link to a video of my thoughts like this? If yes, I'll turn it into text instead, but why if I took the time to record it lol)

    Note that this is the first time ever that we've actually had some other entity show up on the boxart other than the mascot itself.

    Oh and since you're all hyping unreasonable things to hype up your expectations and see them all fall apart at release (any Pokémon following you anywhere, and all of Kanto lol).. let me add some of my own dangerous hype-fuel:

    The dark portal isn't the only thing reminiscent of Sinnohs Platinum update. There is also a huge cloud for seemingly no apparent reason in the south of Alola now.

    Add to that, that something as big as a Battle Frontier has only ever been added in "special version" games where the development basically started with a finished product, which makes sense, since that opens a lot of development time for stuff that core-players will appreciate more than casual players.
    And USUM are finally again "special versions" now, which we haven't seen since...Platinum if you exclude BW2 for being pretty much a new adventure rather than just a modified take on it.

    So... Battle Frontier confirmed? :'D

    Whether we get that or not, it's miles more realistic than expecting literal Kanto to be in these games. Please don't get your hopes up to unrealistic heights folks..
  20. arulz THE SEEKER


    I'm not sure that cloud necessarily means something haha. Could be just an artistic choice.

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