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    Welcome to the PokeBeach TCG Competitive Forum! Today, there are more people playing Pokemon TCG than there ever were before. There are also more Professors as well! With this increase of participants over the last few years, there are now many hungry minds out there seeking knowledge about the game. While the rules and mechanics stay the same, the meta changes frequently with the addition of new cards and the demands of competitive play. These dynamics raise not only stakes, but game play questions as well.

    As a disclaimer, any PokeBeach members answering your questions are not affiliated with TPCi, the Rules Team, Pokemon Card Labs, or any kind of official group. We are members helping members. To this end we want to make sure you get the most accurate information as possible, and we will cite you information to help with clarity. You deserve that kind of quality from PokeBeach. PokeBeach already brings you quality news, quality articles, quality content, and now quality information in member ruling questions.

    PokeBeach receives the most traffic of other similar websites. With that in mind, there are many eyes upon us in search of good information. We will be curating rulings questions asked around the Internet as well as holding all answers here to a quality standard. Please see the points below for these expectations:

    • Check and see if someone has posted a question that is similar to yours. Chances are if you can find a similar question, you’ll probably find your answer
    • Keep your question simple, clear, and on point
    • Please reference the exact cards you have questions about with their full name, set name, and set number. If you can, include a link to an image of it. You can list Trainers/Stadiums etc without set numbers
    • Allow some time for a response; please don’t post a new thread with the same question

    • Before you respond, ask yourself if you really have an answer or a useful response
    • Explain why an answer is what it is. For example if someone asks “Can Strong Energy be stacked?”, try to state why instead of just saying “yes”
    • Cite a source to show your conclusions for more complicated rulings IE: explaining the order of operations during the attack phase
    • Cited sources may come from the rule book, a previously made ruling, or a precedent from the Compendium
    • If you find the information you’ve given was incorrect, take action and post the correct information
    • Keep in mind that what you post will be seen and used not only by members, but those who use search engines as well
    Any member may help another by answering, but they must follow the above standards!


    The official Pokemon Website
    PokeGym and The Rulings Compendium
    Those who will be helping curate information, answering questions, and supervising this endeavor are:


    These members come from a variety of backgrounds: some are veteran Judges, Organizers, veteran TCG Players, or a combination of all. They'll be referred to for now as the Judge Team. Again, these are just PokeBeach members interesting in helping others. This will be a collaborative effort between not just us, but all of you! We hope that what awaits is of benefit to all.

    “I was bold in the pursuit of knowledge, never fearing to follow truth and reason to whatever results they led.” — Thomas Jefferson
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