'New Pokemon Snap' Sequel, 'Pokemon Cafe Mix,' 'Pokemon Smile' Announced!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Water Pokémon Master, Jun 17, 2020.

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    This too tho.

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    First it was Pokemon Sleep... and now Pokemon Smile?!
    Since when is the Pokemon Company so concerned about our health and well-being? (I know there's coronavirus, but still...)
    What's next? Pokemon Skin Care? Pokemon Diet? Lol
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    I can acknowledge the news to be potentially Johto related.... but another Let's Go game especially for Umbreon/Espeon doesn't make sense to me (nothing wrong with the eeveelutions, it just seems like a very odd concept for the game if you think about it). I feel like the Let's Go games got a lot of bad rep from veteran fans for being deemed "unnecessary", "a third remake", or "baby's first pokemon game", however after looking at the sales numbers the game still did Pretty Dang Well (and it was more fun than Sun/Moon in my personal opinion).

    But still- I'd be a bit surprised if they were gonna make another Let's Go game and I'd be further surprised if they were gonna make yet another Johto remake. Don't get me wrong, Johto is actually my favorite generation aside from Kalos, but a third remake would be a bit nonsensical. Kanto made sense as, as least I assume, the intended goal was to get new fans from PoGo into the mainline series from how it originally started.

    I could be proven wrong though- Let's Go DID do very well in sales thanks to it coming with a switch bundle (that I own too, lol). They probably weren't planning another at the time, just like in an interview a while back said they had no plans on a new Snap, and yet here we are. Still, I think my bet may be on some kind of new type of game, but perhaps Johto-related. (that or they threw us off and it is DP remakes)
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    Side question- What are some other instances where Pokemon has done an announcement with merchandise in the background that hinted towards the next game announcement? Can anyone give some past examples? I feel like this did happen and I just can't remember for what.
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    Even though I'm a bit more inclined to say that it won't be a Let's Go game (like I said before - I think it was last October it was stated that no more Let's Go games were planned), I could actually see Espeon/Umbreon being the mascots if it was the case. The Eeveelutions have always been popular Pokemon - I mean, look at the Pokemon of the Year poll from a few months back, where Umbreon was I believe in the top 10 most popular Pokemon, as well as being the most popular Gen.2 Pokemon. Even though I do see your point about them being odd choices, I wouldn't be surprised if they were picked for popularity - I mean if it's gonna advertise a game I feel like it has to be something that already has proven to be a popular Pokemon. Legendaries/starters aside, I feel like those two might be the best candidates in that sense. (personally I think Togepi and Marill could be candidates as well. There's also Pichu, but since it's evolution had a Let's Go game I'd rather it go to something else)

    I'm not sure about merchandise specifically, but occasionally they'll have little pointers to specific regions, little things here and there - just little 'hey remember this region exists!' or 'look at all these Pokemon (that are all from the same region)!' type things. It is very possible that they were just there because they felt like showcasing those specific Johto mons in the background, and the announcement is unrelated to anything Johto, but it's the only real hint we've got.
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    A new Pokemon Snap :D Now I can die happily.
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