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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Darthkuriboh, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Darthkuriboh Aspiring Trainer


    I'm looking at getting started in the Pokemon TCG. I've been studying the 2018 format and it looks relatively straight forward, but I gotta know, because I probably will be buying singles to build my first deck, what should I get? I saw the Rayqaza M Deck that took St. Louis regionals but not sure how much of that is rotated out. I wanted a grass or water type but I'm not sure sticking with one type is good in this game. Can anyone offer quality advice?

  2. joffreyspikes #Drampazizzle


    First of all, what kind of financial budget are you on?
  3. Darthkuriboh Aspiring Trainer


    Probably not a very big one until after the first of the year. Holidays coming up and all. So likely around 75-100 right now
  4. joffreyspikes #Drampazizzle


    Cool! There are so many fun budget decks running around at the moment, but I wouldn’t suggest anything that requires a lot of set up, as set up means Tapu Lele, and Tapu Lele means not so budget. If you wanted to play Expanded, Rayquaza/Eelektrik is phenomenal and no card in that deck individually costs more than 3 of your dollars. Also, Aerodactyl/Talonflame is insanely good fun, and Waterbox is cute if you like systematic destruction. Carbink BREAK toolbox is fun and consistent too, but for me the best Expanded budget deck is Mega Manectric. It really requires very little set up and generally sits there taking 2HKOs with Turbo Bolt while not requiring much else. You can use Unown AOR instead of Shaybae and Leybae in that deck and often runs powerful item based consistency cards such as Trainers’ Mail and Acro Bike: much like Vespiquen you rip through your deck on turn one and sit pretty for the rest of the game. BTW, do not be fooled into thinking that Vespiquen is budget: it needs to spam Shaybae to work.

    Standard is a bit more limited: Volcanion-EX is my personal favourite build. I am currently building it and it doesn’t cost more than about 85-90 dollars sans Lele. Also, Quad Lapras and Quad Sylveon if you like Crushing Hammering away at people’s souls ($80) and a brain child of mine: Invincikoko, has been good in testing on PTCGO (Quad Tapu Koko-GX with 4 Acerola and 4 Super Scoop Up etc.) and doesn’t require Leles.
  5. Darthkuriboh Aspiring Trainer


    I would be likely playing Standard, since I think that's what most events are in. Now, are all events held on Saturdays?
  6. EspeciallyEevee Aspiring Trainer


    Not all! While most of them are, I have seen a lot of League Cups n' stuff on like, WEDNESDAYS!
  7. Darthkuriboh Aspiring Trainer


    oh okay cuz I know when I've gone to my yugioh store before my schedule changed on Saturdays they had league cups there a couple of times
  8. Karissa I <3 John Laurens


    if your just getting started,i would really recommend getting some fates collide packs. the cards form that are really cool. i've been playing tcg for a year now and my favorite deck is MewEX/GlaceonEX/JolteonEX. i love making my own decks and one of my favorites is a deck i created with Umbreon EX and Glaceon EX;these cards are both from fates collide. i would also recommend Breakpoint and Breakthrough. Where are you buying from?
  9. This is horrible advice to a new player. Fates Collide is a horrible set, and the only good cards I can think of from it are Glaceon EX, Mew, and N. Even if it was a good set, a better investment plan would be purchasing singles, (use tcgplayer, not troll and toad or ebay (unless buying from a trusted seller)) Don't waste time trying to pull stuff out of packs, it isn't wort it, and you could spend all your money on packs that don't return in monetary value
  10. Karissa I <3 John Laurens


    i've actually had a lot of luck with Fates Collide myself, i love using Energy Pouch,Delphox,and Alakazam EX and Mega Alakazam,i always win when playing against my friends. i can get how some cards could not work for a new player... sorry, i didn't mean to give bad advice...just was trying to tell about what worked for me when i play TGC.
  11. Darthkuriboh Aspiring Trainer


    I'm actually looking at a Lapras GX deck. I'm having trouble deciding on pokemon other than 4x Lapras GX tho lol
  12. The Ultimate Umbreon To Ultra space and beyond!
    The Ultimate Umbreon


    I began my collection with an ETB and a theme deck. It's a good way to start as you have a basic deck to edit and they are cheap by Pokemon standards.
  13. The Ultimate Umbreon To Ultra space and beyond!
    The Ultimate Umbreon


    Well the rayquaza part of it rotated so look at this years worlds, gardivoir is a good card and not as absurdly pricy as tapu lele, and vikavolt\bulu could go okay as vikavolt is easy to get in a blister and bulu is in a tin. I picked up my bulu for 3 pounds at comic con.
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  14. Darthkuriboh Aspiring Trainer


    I've actually been looking at Lapras GX, trying to figure out a build around it
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  15. josie0001 The Daddiest Dad Ever


    The best thing about Pokemon is that a huge percentage of almost every deck in standard consist of the same cards. If you buy that huge chunk, you can build just about any other deck you want by swapping out Pokemon, changing energy types and stadiums, and making a few tweaks to the trainer base. Those cards are:

    4 Professor Sycamore
    4 N
    4 Guzma
    2 Lillie
    2 Acerola
    2 Skyla

    4 Ultra Ball
    4 Max Elixir
    4 Rare Candy
    2 Rescue Stretcher
    2 Field Blower
    2 Switch and/or Escape Rope
    1 Super Rod

    2-4 Float Stone
    3-4 Choice Band
    2-4 Fighting Fury Belt

    1 Oranguru
    1 Sudowoodo
    2-2 Remoraid/Octillery
    2 Alolan Vulpix (with Beacon)

    I'm probably forgetting something but I'm sure others can fill in the holes.

    As far as Lapras goes, it depends on the build: speed, ala Speed Darkrai, or disruption, ala Quad Sylveon.

    If you decide on the speed build, add 4 Aqua Patch to that list above, and consider some tech Pokes, like Wishiwashi, Glaceon EX, and Manaphy EX. Maybe even Alolan Ninetails (GX and non-GX).

    If you're more into disruption, you'll require a lot of cards outside the norm, like Hammers, supporters that remove energy or deck out your opp, and stadiums that increase retreat cost etc.
  16. gumball51321 *thumbs up*


    OI, I've played Lapras a while, and my friend has played it since it was released, so I think I know a thing or 2 about the deck. I can't say that I recommend 4 Lapras though, 3 plenty. I also 100% agree with @Nebby Baggington that Fates Collide is a terrible set. Every point made there is true. Here's the list my boi plays:

    • 3 Lapras-GX
    • 1 Glaceon-EX
    • 1 Manaphy-EX
    • 2 Tapu Lele-GX
    • 1 Oranguru SUM
    • 1 Keldeo SHL
    • 4 Professor Sycamore
    • 4 N
    • 4 Guzma
    • 3 Po Town
    • 4 Choice Band
    • 2 Float Stone
    • 4 Ultra Ball
    • 4 Max Elxir
    • 4 Aqua Patch
    • 2 Field Blower
    • 1 Super Rod
    • 1 Enhanced Hammer
    • 12 Water

    There's 2 extra spaces, and I can't remember what they were, but they were probably a Lillie and Escape Rope, or something along those lines. Tapu Lele GX is replaceable in this deck better than most decks, since some cards are interchangeable to better fit cards like Octillery BKT.
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  17. BKRapper Aspiring Trainer


    Firstly, welcome to the game! I started playing just over a year ago and was in the same position you're currently in. Building my card archive from scratch was a slow-going but over time as I learned more about the game, I started making "smarter" purchases. My best advice to you would be to start playing heavily on PTCGO first. They give you free packs and single cards and make the process of learning the game a lot easier. Buying code cards online and trading them online is a great way to boost your online collection and thus will help you understand your personal play style and deck preferences.

    Once you're comfortable enough with deck building and strategies, start researching cards to build your decks.

    A lot of new players hate what I am about to say next but if you have any interest at all in playing in the competitive scene (at least for Masters Division) bite the bullet now and buy yourself 2 or 3 of Tapu Lele GX cards. Yes, I understand that this is an expensive card but please keep in mind that the price of this card will likely increase over time as it is unlikely to see a reprint anytime soon (personal opinion/speculation per trends). Pay $60 now or pay $80+ tomorrow - You choose what you're comfortable with. Once you buy them, you'll see that you will use them in essentially every deck you build from here on until it rotates. The good thing about buying that particular card though is that it is likely going to be the most expensive card you will have to buy. Everything else will be significantly cheaper (if you play min rarity - which I also recommend for the sake of your wallet) and your purchases can be more strategic.

    If you have the time, go to leagues in your area. There are a lot of really nice player out there who may be able to GIVE you extra cards that they have lying around. Staple cards like Sycamore, N, and Guzma could be had either for free or for a reduced cost if you ask fellow players nicely enough. You might even be able to score some energies for free since they are included in all Sun & Moon packs now and people who like to open packs will likely have a surplus of them lying around.

    Lastly, it's the holiday season! Maybe you could drop some hints to your loved ones about buying you a couple of booster boxes. Knowing my family, they don't know anything about these cards so asking them to buy me singles might be a little too arduous for them so having them buy the newest booster box or specialty collection boxes is a happy middle-ground.

    A note on buying booster boxes - Personally, I do not buy these on my own but getting them as a gift is different. I would rather spend my own money on getting EXACTLY what I need rather than rolling the dice because in my case, if I am buying cards, I am doing it because there is a specific deck I am trying to build. If you get a booster box, save that bulk because you could trade it in at a card shop for store credit which will help fund other cards you want!
  18. TheBossBlastoise I rule the PokeSea

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    All of the cards from mega ray are rotated
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  19. SeeFattyRun Aspiring Trainer


    I have only been in the game for about a year myself and I have been playing Volcanion since the start because I have had to pay to build both my son and I decks. It is on the cheaper side of things, but you can always make changes and add things as you go, but the base Volc deck isnt too bad. It is all about having fun and your play style. If you like to set up quick and hit for big numbers or if you like to deny your opponent everything they are trying to do. Both are fun options, but you do have the right idea in buying singles. We started out with starter decks and bought packs to make them better but you are at the mercy of the pull rates. I have so much bulk it is terrible. Just buy the stuff you want and save yourself the money and headaches of the pull rates!! Good luck and welcome to the addiction!!!
  20. Laurier_Ex Ninja master


    Jolteon-Ex as been the pokémon that helped me most through my time playing online.

    - Get a deck that can counter the imminent coming threat, the new Solgaleo-Gx.

    In expanded my personal answer to the new Solgaleo-Gx will be Latias-Ex but this is not an option in standard.

    In standard, i would say that Fire decks will still be played a lot in the next few formats because of Solgaleo-Gx. Being one of the few able to OHKO Solgaleo-Gx if Shining Mane ability is disabled. Fire decks and Metal being more prominent in the coming format will limit Grass decks and Fairy decks respectively from being played too much.

    Garbodor will be around for a while so be prepared. Garbotoxin being a direct counter to Solgaleo-Gx will just make it more likely to be played.

    If you want to buy singles, the Marshadow Toolbox is an enjoyable deck for standard but not Tier 1.

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