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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by DGessler3, Feb 9, 2021.

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    Hi there! My daughter asked me to get into Pokemon cards with her, and I’m thrilled to help, last time I played Pokémon cards was some 20 years ago. I bought some decks and a toolkit, as well as some Darkness Ablaze pack codes for TCGO. We read up and it seems Mad Party is a good place to start for us on top of the Zacian/ADP League Deck we bought.

    Is it okay to post what we have and what we’re looking for for PTCGO here or should I do that elsewhere? We’re sharing our online presence and will be playing live once the pandemic chills.

    Thanks for any help and digital cards you can trade to us!
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  2. Here is fine. Good to see new players in the game!

    Mad Party is good for a budget, but it seems that you already have the zacian league deck, where if it plays against mad party it will in almost every time due to ADP's stupid gx attack. I would consider either playing theme deck format, as it is ironically more skill based than current standard, and its cheaper as well. If you do want to play standard, I would probably get another ADP league deck and a couple of dedenne and just make an ADPZ decklist you can commonly find on the internet.
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    Another fun way to play Pokémon online is using the “Pokémon Custom TCG” Lackey Plug-in! It’s a custom Pokémon TCG format using the LackeyCCG simulator on the computer, it uses original cards designed by fans, and best of all, it’s FREE! It’s a bit hard to navigate (everything is manual rather than automatic, and the unique format can be kind of overwhelming), but it’s great fun especially when you get the hang of it! I’d say wait until you two have caught up on how Pokémon works (now) and then give it a try.
    Also, The Last Shaymin, I think you would also really enjoy the Lackey PCTCG format. You’re always criticizing the current Standard Format and I think you would enjoy a flexible, original, big-basic-free environment with endless potential for meme decks that actually work! (Because guess what? The format is designed so that ANY and EVERY card is useable!)
    And to all those other people reading this post... give Lackey PCTCG a try! You’ll enjoy it!émon-cards.149794/
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    Also, if you bought a Trainer’s Toolkit, you should already have 2 Dedenne GX. Although ideally you would want a Dedenne GX and a Crobat V, I’d say stick with 2 Dedenne GX because of how hard it is to get Crobat. A code for a Zacian V League Battle deck (just the code) can be bought for $8-9 dollars.
    I’d say don’t worry about building more than one deck. Opening random packs is a very unreliable way of finding key cards, and when trading cards people generally use in-game packs (you have to use a code because packs purchased in game aren’t tradable). Even Mad Party cards cost about a pack or a pack and a half of VIV, so just focus on one deck if you’re playing Standard.
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    Hello, all I am also new here, it's nice to meet you

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