News New 'Espeon-GX / Umbreon-GX Premium Collections' in July!

Wait a second! Is this still in continuation of the Pokemon GO stuff? These two are Gen 2.
I guess I'll go with the Umbreon Gx since I like the Umbreon Artwork better and it dont matter because the cards are reprints
More GX boxes with alternate art? Well, guess you can run a deck with four different arts of Umbreon or Espeon now. Feels a little unnecessary, but I'll pick them up to fill out my promo collection as per usual.
It's always nice to see reprints that actually have good new art. I wish the Eevee got new art too, though, cause SUM Eevee is so ugly.
For the price of only 2 weeks worth of food, you can get not one, not two, but three pieces of shiny cardboard!
Going to have to start putting all this stuff on a calendar so I know how much I need to save by some date...
I have to ask, are these exactly the same as what you'd pull from a SuMo pack? As in 100% identical?