New Cards and Illustration Rares Revealed from “Mask of Change!”

Love the Tatsugiri.

Definitely good for Ancient Box decks.

I can see loads of decks 'splashing' one copy of this card in.

Searchable via Poffin, Rescue Board joins it in 'H'.


I think the Loyal Three could have been amazing. I hope they all get EXs. DP Legends Awakened had an interesting lake trio, with Mesprit LV.X's second attack (for example) only working if you had the other two in play. I wish we would see a loyal three 'engine' to charge up a future Pecharunt EX.

Alternatively, maybe the baby Pecharunt will have Baxcalibur's Rain Dance ability but for Dark Energy and 'Adrenaline' abilities, as a way of synergising with the other 3.
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So the loyal 3 get AR’s and SAR’s? Because everyone thinks June 7th set (Night Wanderer) is Headlined by them. Only time will tell…
Yeah I assume the exs wont get an art rare because of these which will be weird if they are the posterchilds of that set. Makes me think Pecharunt will be there as an ex as well and it will be the one of six to get the SAR
I would assume that the bb loyal three get ARs and maybe the EXs will get SIR in the future - but IMO it seems unlikely that’ll be in the same or back to back sets - truthfully these arts are SO GOOD I am FLOORED that they aren’t being printed as SIRs.

I can’t remember if Night Wander is slated as a subset or Main set but are all sets locked in on 3 sir mons and 3 golds or may we just get like a Pecharunt SIR / gold and not additional Pokémon SIR but just trainers? I guess we “half know” from English releases but speculation changes right up until release - But if it is minimum of three I can’t image who else but the loyal 3 would make sense when the other DLC Pokémon that dropped clearly seem set to land in the “paradise dragonia” in the fall
I’m so giddy to try Conkeldurr, it’s going to be such a fun one prize deck! Super super excited to give that a shot.

I really hope that we get a Sneasler alternative after rotation, without it in format Conk can only hit Charizard for 300 with belt and leaves it with 10 from poison (implying you’re running Brute Bonnet as your enabler) given that Perilous Jungle doesn’t affect Charizard.
Love the new arts so much that Tatsugiri seems to be like celebrations mew in a way it could see some play
Kinda funny how Twilight Masquerade is gonna have an Illustration Rare Applin and Dipplin in it, but they won't be next to each other.
So the loyal 3 get AR’s and SAR’s? Because everyone thinks June 7th set (Night Wanderer) is Headlined by them. Only time will tell…

I reckon Pecharunt will be the true headliner of the set and it will be get an SAR (which may feature the loyal three in it), and the Loyal Three exs won't have an SAR. If my prediction is correct, then that means the other 2 exs in the set should get an SAR.