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We can reveal March 1st will see the release of a new “Pokemon TCG Gift Box.” This is the first time we’re seeing this kind of product.
It will come with seven promo cards, six booster packs, a set of vinyl stickers, a squishie, a mini portfolio, and a code card. This will all come within a premium box.
We last saw “Squishies” within the Mythical Squishy Premium Collection. Vinyl stickers will debut in the Paldean Fates Sticker Collections, releasing in January.
Presumably this product is meant to capitalize on the Easter holiday.



Two new “ex Deluxe Battle Decks” will release...

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Seven promo cards in this box? Are we going to be getting some really nice promos for collectors or just more "filler" stuff from cut cards?


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Those squishies are going to look incredibly cheap when you see them stacked en masse at your local shop. I'd rather see more cards in these kinds of products – do kids like them?


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This sounds promising, as long as it give us a cheeky sneak peek of the next set after Paldean Fates.


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The 'deluxe' part of the battle deck includes the fact they come with a Radiant right? Assuming they kept that up and didn't double up on Greninja there's only so many ex-es they could choose. Some Fire type with Radiant Zard would make the most sense imo

Also, did the squishy box ever release outside of the US? I've never seen anything like it and I know they've been weird about releasing boxes that come with figurines outside of the US too


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i wonder if the gift box will be how we get those bulbasaur and squirtle art rare promos to match the OBF etb charmander
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i had fun with those Deluxe ex decks. That Meowscarada one was preatty ok with some improvements it's funt to play. And the quaxley one had the greninja :).
Hope the new ones will be fun to play too and i'll be able to get them at a decent price in the 2bl pack.
As for the gift box i doubt it will come to Europe but if i'm wrong that would be great as it's just in time for my sons birthday.


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Seven promos? Could they be the six new cards from TCG Classic (+ Vending Mr. Mime) that were announced as being released separately in the future?