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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by arjan1988, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. arjan1988 Aspiring Trainer


    Hi guys & girls,

    I am selling my base set booster box I've kept in the closet for 14 years. I just recently found out I have a special base set booster box, made in the UK with a curved Wizard logo. Apparently they can hold 1999-2000 holo's.

    Would you have any idea what the worth is of this box? I am a pokemon lover but I am very unfamiliar with buying-selling. I can only find 1 other box who is on sale for 9000$ but none who are actually sold.

    Would love to hear from you,

    Kind regards,


  2. aPOLLo Deck Build Help


    Base set packs are really expensive alone so i think you've hit the jackpot. Im not really sure but they are really expensive. Like really expensive. So all I know is you will get a load.

    Sorry I couldnt help, many collectors would die for base set cards. You could sell the packs seperately, they are like 1000 dollars a pack i think.
  3. MilesEX Aspiring Trainer


    Standard Base set packs go for like £50 - £70 ... no idea if they're 1 st edition or have other unique properties though??

    I will say, from what I've seen, they go more as a sealed booster box than if you were to sell them individually.
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  4. Oddish22 Aspiring Trainer


    You should also consider if you want/need the money now. Because if you keep it longer, the price will only rise. When I came back to collecting in early 2012, I saw Jungle booster boxes on Ebay for 125 € and thought - that's so expensive. I saw regular Base Set boosters in a game shop for 10 € and thought - that's so expensive.
    Since more than 2 years I regret not buying any of those, since now the prices are not 125 and 10 anymore, but rather 1000+ and 50+.
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  5. aPOLLo Deck Build Help


    Ok, i think i was looking at first edition base set packs
  6. jessalakasam Floette is love Floette is life


    I know a lot of collector's try to collect "4th print run" (1999-2000 cards) so it's definitely worth more than a regular box Also, packs go for $80 right now (regular base is around $65-70 a pack). I would believe a box should be $5-6k.

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