Question Need Help With A 4th Move for Choice Band Scizor

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So I managed to acquire an Adamant Scizor with Technician from someone on a Wonder / Surprise Trade but am having difficulty finding a solid 4th move to run for it and I forgot to teach it Knock Off before I transferred it over from ORAS to SWSH / SV since I didn't realize that Pursuit was banned in Gen 8+. I'm not too fond of Thief as an alternative to Knock Off though I might go with Assurance to have something to deal with Ghost and Psychic Types. Been toying with Dual Wingbeat and Sand Tomb which get a boost from Technician yet I don't know what move to go with.

Quick Attack is another option despite getting a Technician boost with no Type Advantage but much like Bullet Punch it does gain priority. Brutal Swing can hit more than one target which could be solid for Scizor I guess. Tera Blast and Trailblaze are other options exclusive to Scarlet and Violet. Unfortunately Scizor can only learn Close Combat over Superpower / Brick Break in Legends: Arceus. A Swords Dance route doesn't seem too bad though the raw power of Choice Band with Scizor seems a lot better.

Any suggestions? I'd greatly appreciate it.
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