US/UM My Eventual Team

Nick Tornell

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What are some of your suggestions for a cool team. So far I've come up with this:
Lycanroc (Dusk Forme) @Lycanium Z
Primarina @Primarium Z
Charizard @Firium Z
Sceptile @Grassium Z
Aegislash @Ghostinium Z
Noivern @Dragonium Z
*note: this is during main game, that is why no mega stones for Charizard & Sceptile.


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Why the Z crystals on all of them? You know its one Z move per battle, not per pokemon.


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While that is true, fact is for the game, items aren't really needed, and many fights only have your opponents with one or two Pokemon. That being said, Aqua, you may want to invest a in few more unique items when it comes time to face the Elite Four ^w^


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I would suggest swapping Noivern for Malamar, and make sure that Malamar has topsy-turvy. Also, get max affection on everyone. Otherwise, Ultra Necrozma might as well be Sans.