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Alt. Format my boi is back and so am I - PR Sceptile GX deck


Leaf Blade!
Hello everyone! I have been absent from this game since the release of Crimson Invasion. Now, I am ready to come back, and I thought I would come back to the release of my favourite boi from back in the days of Pokemon Emerald, Sceptile-GX. (Obviously Sceptile has no release date yet but I will play with what i have until that moment). Sceptile has 3 very nice attacks and Grovyle has one of the best abilites you can ask for in a pre-evolution. My idea is to utilse the movement of Leaf Cyclone:

[G][G] Leaf Cyclone: 130 damage. Move a [G] Energy from this Pokemon to 1 of your Benched Pokemon.

Use the attack, Move an energy to a benched Sceptile-GX, retreat active Sceptile next turn, max potion, attach, and repeat. Use Lurantis and Lurantis-GX to boost damage and recover energy.

My only trouble is recovery of max potion, as cards like puzzle of time are rotating. Here is a list:

Pokemon: 23

4x Treecko (Fairy Rise)
4x Grovyle (Fairy Rise)
3x Sceptile-GX (Fairy Rise)
2x Sceptile (Celestial Storm) (You could drop this down to 1)
4x Fomantis (SM Base)
2x Lurantis (SM Promo)
2x Lurantis-GX (SM Promo)
2x Tapu Lele-GX (GUR)

Trainers: 27 (Please help me I'm used to Sycamore and N)

4x Cynthia
1x Judge
1x Steven's Resolve
2x Lillie
3x Guzma

2x Rescue Stretcher
4x Max Potion
2x Field Blower
3x Ultra Ball
1x Rare Candy
3x Net Ball
1 Life Forest Prism Star thing that seems cool

Energy: 10
10x Grass Energy

Much help would be appreciated, thank you!