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  1. Redcubone02 Aspiring Trainer


    I feel like this is already a thread but here it goes. Mega evolutions are over or at least on hold as far as we know but there are so many we havent seen i know many videos have been made on this subject but im gonna do it anyway. I could do so many of these but here are my top 5 feel free to leave yours thanks.

    3.gen 2 starters(kinda cheating buuut)
    4. mightyena

  2. I think most people would rank Flygon over Luxray.

    I was hoping Sun and Moon would give us Mega Solrock, which could have added fire type and Mega Lunatone which could have added dark type. They would have been thematically appropriate.

    I don't think I really have a top X list though. I would have liked to see one for just about every Pokémon which would probably have been impossible. I do have to say I would have liked a Mega Rapidash, which would have added flying type to and looked like a Pegasus. Perhaps it could have had the same ability as M. Charizard Y so that way it could use Solar Beam easily.
  3. Mudkipfan12 Mudbray!


    1 Milotic
    2 flygon
    3 Luxray
    4 volcarona
    5 froslass
    6 gliscor
  4. Ninjabot 215 Beep Boop
    Ninjabot 215


    Top 10 Megas that I want/NEED:

    1. Flygon
    2. Luxray
    3. Darkrai
    4. Agieslash
    5. Hydregon
    6. Frosslass
    7. Gen V Starters
    8. Weavile
    9. Slowking
    10. Arourus/Tyrantrum
  5. NinJamezor ZA WARUDO


    1. Huntail/Gorebyss
    2. Gen 4 Starters
    3. Spiritomb
    4. Machamp
    5. Skarmory
    6. Butterfree
    7. Crawdaunt/Cradily/Armaldo
    8. Vespiquen
    9. Dusknoir/Froslass
    10. Flygon
  6. The Ultimate Umbreon To Ultra space and beyond!
    The Ultimate Umbreon


    1. Regi trio
    2. All the eveelutions
    3. Luxray
    4. Malamar
    6. The elemental birds
  7. GekkisaiDaiNi The light flickers. I flicker back.


    1. Dragonite
    2. Pyukumuku
    3. Dusknoir
    4. Mimikyu
    5. Kyurem
  8. joffreyspikes #Drampazizzle


    Mega Vileplume has always seemed like a nice idea to me. Can’t really think of any others off the top of my head, except for Flygon (that may be clichéd to death but it truly is the perfect candidate for a Mega.)
  9. Xys Otherworldly Trainer


    Here are a few pokémon I would like to see mega evolve:

    - Mega Vespiquen
    - Mega Infernape
    - Mega Carnivine
    - Mega Zoroark

    Mostly Gen 4 because that's just my favorite generation of Pokémon.
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  10. ... Aspiring Trainer


    Mega Raichu
    Mega Persian
    Mega Machamp (6 arms!!)
    Mega Golem
    Mega Shuckle xD

    Forum Mod Chat Room Staff Member

    I am not going to do a list really. Anyway, I want a Mega Meganium, and Mega Yanmega for obvious reasons ^w^
    mostly just tickles my fancy as personally, I am not a fan of Mega Pokemon as a concept, and at the very least if they are going to make them, I would rather they give Megas to Pokemon who need them.
  12. The Ultimate Umbreon To Ultra space and beyond!
    The Ultimate Umbreon


    Mega Umbreon
    Mega Espeon
    Mega Glaceon
    Mega Leafeon
    Mega Slyveon
    Mega Flareon
    Mega Jolteon
    Mega Vaporeon
    Mega Bewear
    Mega Golisopod
    Mega Volcanion
    Mega Vikavolt.

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