Monday, 2/27, JAA Report, MC Pics, Hamachi


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Well the tournaments about Legendaries isnt surprising. The only way to win is by using them since UU pokemon are unfairly matched versing them. But oh well, there's nothing you can do but use them yourself.

I'm just wondering about the Miracle Crystal Ex's. I really REALLY hope they dont remake more Ex's, i.e. Please not ANOTHER Blastoise, Charizard, Venusaur, Sceptile, Swampert and Blaziken ex. I wanta see new Ex's which havent been Ex's before. They've done repeat Ex's before like the Regis, Raichu and Rayquaza. They now have 3 Kyogre ex and 3 Groudon ex >.< (the promo, HL and MC). I still think they'll repeat the Ex's again but it would be good if they dont. Kyogre ex looks a little interesting though since it doesnt seem to do any damage. I would say it attacks benched pokemon or specific opponents pokemon for larger amount of damage.


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Member the pic is not clear enough yet...

yes, I agree Abhorsen... I want to see new EX Pokemon, not another Groudon, Kyogre, etc...
Like, Machamp EX (is there any Machamp EX?) or maybe the one that I am waiting for: Alakazam EX!! (doh! where're you??)

What's the side effect of that Groudon EX's attack? I think it's damage to itself... 100 damage for 3 energy is...Awesome...!!

Can somebody translate Kyogre EX attack? It really looks very interesting!


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I'm seriously hoping for Alakazam Ex. Now that Kanto pokemon are in this set, there is a final chance for Alakazam to appear in an Ex form. I have a feeling that it will but i'll be really disappointed if they ditch it again.

For Groudon ex, 100 for 3 energy isnt something which comes easily so it would have to be either damaging itself, damaging your own benched pokemon or discarding 2 or more energy attached to Groudon ex. That I could presume. I'm still wondering about Kyogre though, its got me interested. I wonder what the poke-bodies do though...


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I will be interested with slowking ex;)...because most of the time Slowking is powerful, example, dark slowking and slowking(although is miss transalated:()..They also should make Jirachi ex, too:p


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Thats cool if you can download one pokemon because if they are at level 70 you don't have to take all the time to get it that far and if the lines are short try to get as many pokemon as you can because you only have one chance to get them and it will be a fun thing to remember too. Just wait until you guys friends mouths drop open when they find out you have a rare pokemon because every time I get something good my friends get jelous big time. That is why they don't know about my crystal charizard yet. They will pound me in the ground (mentaly) if they find out I have the card.:)

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1) So wait, does this mean that you could get a Lv. 70 Celebi??

2) There's hardly any text on Kyogre ex at all, which means that some of the most devastating sentences in the game must be on that can hope, at least.

3) Funny story about Crystal Charizard. Today I got a box of Skyridge for my birthday (yes, birthday!! Thanks for sigging it, Charizard :D), and just what happens to be in the FIRST pack? You guess it: A pretty holographic Crystal Charizard! :D (And for what it's worth, I also got a Golem and a rev. Holo Celebi)

So yeah...I kinda want Crystal Pokemon to come back now. And what better time now than in Miracle Crystal!

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