Help Mimikyu Copycat Ruling

Robert Mitchell

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Heya guys, newish to Pokemon and enjoying it so far, just played a match with my unedited Hidden Moon deck vs. my friend's unedited Ho-Oh Legendary deck and I managed to scrape a win.

But we may have made one mistake-


My friend had enough different energies attached to his Ho-Oh GX to hit me for 140 with Rainbow Beam (20+ another 20 for each different type of energy attached), which killed my active Pokemon.

I brought out Mimkyu and used Copycat, under the assumption I'd hit him for 140 damage.

Is this correct?

Or, given I only had two Psychic energy attached to Mimkyu, would I have only done 40 damage? (20+ another 20 for each different energy attached to my Mimkyu, in this case only Psychic energy)

I'm guessing it should have just been the 40 damage?

cheers :)


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Forty damage is correct. You don't copy the damage, you copy the attack.