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Expanded MewMew/M Gardevoir

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by TSA123, Oct 10, 2019 at 12:52 PM.

  1. TSA123 i play pokeman


    4x Giratina LOT
    3x Mewtwo & Mew GX
    3x Shaymin EX ROS
    2x M Gardevoir EX STS
    1x Dedenne GX
    1x Noivern GX
    1x Yveltal GX (doom count is busted broken)
    1x Tapu Lele GX
    1x Jirachi GX
    1x Marshadow SLG
    1x Exeggcute PLF

    2x Professor Juniper
    1x N
    1x Guzma
    1x Lysandre
    1x Faba
    1x Acerola
    1x Colress

    4x Ultra Ball
    4x Battle Compressor
    4x VS Seeker
    2x Mysterious Treasure
    2x Max Potion
    2x Fighting Fury Belt
    1x Dowsing Machine
    1x Float Stone

    4x Dimension Valley

    4x Prism Energy
    3x Fairy Energy

  2. Skater_J Aspiring Trainer


    Great looking list! I think I'll likely test it straight up, it looks very well thought out.

    My first thought was that since the majority of your pokemon are psychic there would be more synergy to focus in that direction.

    +2 Hoopa-EX - Ability gets M. Gardevoir (to discard) and Shaymin out, and Jirachi-EX if you have one
    +2 Mysterious Treasure - More search for Hoopa, Mew3, M. Gardevoir (to discard), Giratina, Marshadow, Tapu Lele, Noivern, Jirachi-GX

    I don't have a good idea on what I would sacrifice to add these cards, maybe:
    -1 Dedenne GX
    -1 Ultraball
    -1 Giratina
    - 1 ???

    A couple of item card ideas:

    Special Charge - get back prism energies
    Stadium Nav - get Dimension Valley out post haste!

    I like the Noivern-GX inclusion, definitely has 3 good attacks for expanded! Great idea!

    I'm unsure about Yveltal-GX, have you tested it? Is it awesome in practicality?

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