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Mew Prime/Rhyperior X


Hi, I'm a scrub
Hey, may as well give it a shot.

Pokemon (13):

4 Mew Prime (Main Attacker)
4 Smeargle UD (Use their own supporters against them, very useful.)
4 Rhyperior X (To See Off so I can use Hard Crush)
1 Unown Q (For Smeargle starts)

Supporters (8):

4 Palmer's (You'll be milling through a lot)
4 Collector (Gets basics quickly)

Energy (39):

4 Call (Gets basics)
20 Psychic (For See Off)
4 Cyclone (Gets out of walls)
4 Warp (For Smeargle and other locks such as Parasect Sleep lock)
4 Rescue (Quick Recovery, counters Fainting Spell well)
3 Health (Again, very useful against Gengar and it's Shadow Room attack if they don't run Crobat)

Strat: See Off Rhyperior, Hard Crush, Palmer's/Portrait for Palmer's when running slim, and Hard Crush until won.

It's not as bad as it seems, actually. I've beaten Luxchomp, Vilegar, and Blazchomp with it, and I have the leading wins
RE: Mew Prime/Absol Prime/Rhyperior X maybe Senior Cities

Maybe you should add pokemon collector? If you just start with 1 absol/ mew and nothing but basic energy you might lose on 1/2 turns.

RE: Mew Prime/Absol Prime/Rhyperior X maybe Senior Cities

I was actually thinking of doing that with Sableye or no Collector with Smeargle instead of Absol. Absol sort of gets in the way. If only Pachirisu GE was legal :(
RE: Mew Prime/Absol Prime/Rhyperior X maybe Senior Cities

Seeing that you have based the whole deck around using absol and mew as your main and only attackers, I'd like to ask what you would do if your opponent used an Umbreon or Dustox wall? Eg, Your opponent attacks using Umbreon and neither your Mew nor Absol can do anything to it since they possess pokebodies. Even if Mew sends your Rhyperior X into the lost zone and uses its attacks, you are still technically attacking with the Mew. Which means Umbreon can block it.

I run 2-2 line of Umbreon UD in my Sneazor Prime deck. Can setup Umbreon wall in 3-4 turns maximum in WORST case scenario. Doesn't take very long to chuck 2-4 Special Darkness onto it and belt it up for 70-90 dmg with Moonlight Fang

RE: Mew Prime/Absol Prime/Rhyperior X maybe Senior Cities

Well, I'd either autoloss or Cyclone Energy out of it. TBH I never even thought of Umbreon lol.

What is cyclone energy going to do if your opponent has an empty bench? Wouldn't need any benched pokemon against your deck if he/she can setup Umbreon or Dustox.

You could use 1 relicanth SV. You can use the first attack vs any deck that has tools. And if you face an umbreon you can do the second attack for 60 damage or if the have tools in play you might be able to ohk it.

Vs dustox you can just switch mew prime to one that is'n affected and k.o it if you can get 3 energy from the top (which is likely in this deck.)


Now I run Recover energy as well. Besides, they one shot me anyway. I'm not worried about it.

I don't think they'd have an empty bench for Umbreon. They need Uxies and stuff. I don't think Relicanth works. Promocroak might be a better option.

Also, so far I'm undefeated against Luxchomp and Vilegar. I might stick to this for a fun deck though.
Promocroak has a power, so it's also useless against umbreon.
Rescue energy does absolutely nothing to counter fainting spell.
Recover energy doesn't really help against shadow room.
You should run more burn cards instead of so much energy.

wishful thinking there with the suggestions about countering wallers but I don't think 1 card is gonna cut it. Relying on chance or searching and hoping that the card you need isn't in prizes won't do much. My friend built an effective Umbreon counter with a donphan deck but that was only because he put 3+ Relicanth in there
crm103top08: What do you mean by burn cards? Stuff like Pokeball? The thing is, that just decks me out even faster. I've tested the deck, and you don't really need anything other than a T1 Collector, which shouldn't be hard with Smeargle and 4 Collector. Plus, Call does the job well done as well.

I forgot about Promocroak having leap away lol.

Doesn't rescsue work if they KO me with Fainting spell?

Health Energy turns a 2HKO into a 3HKO to a Mew Prime. Helpful against Vilegar, mainly.

guiltysky: Well I don't really have that kind of space. I kind of need 40 energy in the deck. It's not exactly a competitve deck right now, so I'm not going to tech against Dialga and stuff like that.
Imo sableye is much better then smeargle in this since sableye guarantees a collector t1 and its actually good to go first with this deck. Uhmm I don't think you need 4 rhyperior... perhaps replace 1 or 2 of them for something that prevents you from decking out??
Well, thing is, Smeargle has a power. Not an attack. Usually if I go first and they have a collector in their hand I get an Unown Q and 2 Mew Prime, attatch a Psychic to Mew Prime, Quick Smeargle, retreat, and See Off Rhyperior. Sableye makes me need an extra turn to get set up. I can also use Warp to reuse the power to use their own Palmer's some turns, and still be able to attack and use another supporter. Otherwise I must attatch to Sableye, impersonate Collector, and still risk a donk because I have to go first and I can't even bench the basics. I'll try it though.

Also, there are times where 3 Rhyperior are Prized. That's an autoloss if I didn't run the fourth. Also, sometimes Rhyperior will be in my hand. What do I do? Also, if I lose with this deck it's because they have a Dialga tech, or are running a deck that can consistently KO Mew without getting KO'd easily, like Tyranitar Prime. I never deck out with 4 Palmer's.
Never said this in my first post but awesome deck. And i don't think you need anything else now. But maybe some other pokemon you can send to the lost zone? Just for fun so you have another attack you can use, like crobat prime?

Yea, I was thinking of teching other stuff like Gengar Prime (Very useful against Dialga techs). But I don't know what I could take out. And yea, Crobat could definatly help against Donphan, which is a fair competitor in my area.
I'll second Bubble Tea on the usefulness of Sableye. They truly a re midget beasts if you got 4 in your deck and draw during first turn. Supporters and also if you get an expert belt, can start OHKO on first or second turn.

To the OP: I understand this is just a casual deck but just bear in mind that Umbreon UD are a common sight in any deck nowadays and very versatile and just pointing out that it will completely nullify all attacking power and strategy against this deck. That's why I don't think Mew Prime decks even with Absol supporting are particularly useful in play. By the time it sends off and gets enough energies attached to attack an opponent, its 60hp would pretty much be gone already. I used to run Smeargle but took it out instantly as soon as I realised that it can only tech when it's active.
Well that's the thing. You don't need any energy to attack. I'm against Mew Prime too, but there are some varients that are OK.
I guess so, if Hard Crush is the only attack you plan to make use of. But what about Mew's tiny amount of HP? And what other variants would you suggest instead of Mew Prime? Just curious
Yea, Hard crush, maybe Gengar Prime's first attack if it works as a counter to Dialga or Umbreon.

The only stuff I suggest is the stuff that makes it early to hit the field with Mew, but otherwise would be slow. Gyarados is an exception, even though it's not using Mew Prime's full potential. Mew Prime mainly works as a tech if you wanted to, say, abuse your main attacker early game, then hit hard late game.

So far it's beaten Luxchomp, Blazchomp, Vilegar, Machamp, and Gyarados at least a couple times. The only problems it has are Dialga G X and Umbreon UD.
RE: Mew Prime/Absol Prime/Rhyperior X maybe Senior Cities

@ GuiltySky
Umbreon can't block Mew's attack with Moonlight Fang because it says prevent all effects of attacks, inclding damage, DONE TO UMBREON during your opponent's next turn.