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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by pikachuuuu101, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. pikachuuuu101 Custom Title


    i have been wanting to play this card since release but never found a way to use it but it could now become an interesting card as a tech in decks that run rainbow energy or psychic energy.
    its main use would be to wall against evolved Pokemon using its ability. it probably wouldn't do too well though because everyone (who can afford it) is playing Tapu Lele GX and can get it active, but if no one is playing Tapu Lele GX due to availability this card can absolutely dominate a deck like metagross (if ten damage a turn can be considered dominating)
    anyway that's all for now

  2. Laurier_Ex Ninja master


    I would recommend playing Glaceon instead. Pokemon Ranger is already used way less than Hex Maniac if you are looking for this kind of stalling.
  3. CaptZero Aspiring Trainer


    Hex is gone from standard
  4. jessalakasam Floette is love Floette is life


    The probem is, every deck now runs Lele, who for the DCE can ohko Mew
  5. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    Yup same issue why glaceon is not good anymore sadly
  6. Laurier_Ex Ninja master


    I play Glaceon in my Ninja Deck and it still benefits me a lot. You have Glaceon, they pull Tapu Lele? Ninja Boy into Tauros or Machamp for the OHKO.

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