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Standard Mega Venusaur


Aspiring Trainer
Hello everyone! I want to build a Mega Venusaur deck, but haven't really played grass before. I managed to pull the EX and Mega from evolutions already so I have those, which inspired me to give this a go.

Pokémon - 8
2 Venusaur EX EVO
2 Venusaur EX GEN
1 Mega Venusaur EX EVO
1 Mega Venusaur EX GEN
2 Shaymin ROS

Trainers - 38
3 Sycamore
3 N
1 Lysander
1 Brock's Grit
1 Pokémon Ranger
1 Pokémon Center Lady
4 Forest of Giant Plants
4 VS Seeker
4 Max Elixir
4 Mega Turbo
4 Ultra Ball
2 Venasaur Spirit Links
2 Float Stone
2 Fighting Fury Belts
1 Escape Rope
1 Professor's Letter

Energy - 14
10 Grass

This is just a deck I put together on the spot here. I haven't play tested yet, but I wanted to get a draft written down while I was thinking about it and figured this was as good a place as any.

I was thinking of maybe trying to fit in Vileplume AOR for item lock. Seems like it might be good once I'm set up. Are there any other alternate grass attackers I should consider? Maybe one that's not an EX would be good. I also have a third Shaymin, but I felt like that might be overkill in this deck since this is probably going to be kind of slow. Also, Brock's Grit really interested me so I wanted to try that out instead of Super Rod.

I'll be editing it as I think of things to change. It's more for a fun deck at league. If it ends up working out better than expected maybe I'll take it to a local tournament, but I feel like it probably won't get to that point.


Aspiring Trainer
I'm designing my own Venusaur deck... I think you need a Hoopa EX (you have 8 EX's), more spirit links and more M Venusaurs. I think i'm going to run mine with a 2-2-2 line with Vileplume. Paralysis+no items= Olympia is the only way out of your lock.

My other idea was garbodor to shut down Volcanion decks. Without Steamup the deck is pretty crap, and i think you can beat him. but that means escape ropes and switches are back in the picture. This will also help against the Giratina Matchup

My real fear is Mega or Ex counters because we will be crapped on. At Fort Wayne I saw a lot of EX toolbox counters.


Aspiring Trainer
Yeah at the time of writing that I didn't have Hoopa so that wasn't an option. (Still don't have it, but after black Friday I now have some stuff to trade at my local league for it next week)

When I was playing it, I used a 1-1-1 line of Vileplume (That's all I have). Worked pretty well once I got going, but wasn't super competitive. It was really fun at league though.


Keep the High Tide on the Flipside
One of the things I immediately noticed missing was a second attacker (and, realistically, a Pokemon to start off games) that would allow you to set up Mega Venusaur on your bench. This is important because without one, you have to use Venusaur EX or, Heaven's Forbid, Shaymin EX to take early game hits. I will personally suggest something like a Yanmega BREAK line (free attacks and retreat are very good) or something fairly tank, such as Virizion AOR (who allows you to utilize Fighting Fury Belt if you must and 120 base HP is nothing to sneeze at early game) or even something like Sceptile EX, who would allow you to also play a 2-2 line of Ariados (which is also nice in slower decks like this). Basically, anything with efficient attacks and/or the ability to take shots to the face will do. xP

Next, I would personally suggest running a 3-3 line up of Mega Venusaur and 4 Spirit Link, then potentially max out on N (that's a personal decision, however). Since your main goal is to beat people with Mega Venusaur EX, 4 Spirit Links will ensure you do not lose any momentum and it makes your 4 Mega Turbo much less dead on draw as a whole.

Lastly, I will suggest Olympia as a Supporter simply because the ability to grab a Switch from Discard is extremely good in bulkier decks like this. Lysandre (r before e) is a huge threat this format and being able to answer it whenever via VS Seeker is very good imo. Plus, healing for 30 is a cute bonus. xP

Besides that, you're heading in the right direction. I really enjoy Mega Venusaur (especially the lockdown one...very silly card) and I hope you do as well.