Contest May 2019 CaC: Coin Flips! (Results Up!)


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I’ll have to drop unfortunately. Assessments mean that this just isn’t going to happen this month.


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[Basic] Mega Houndoom & Incineroar-GX HP250 [D]
[Tag Team]

[C] Backbreaker
Switch 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon with their Active Pokémon. This attack does 30 damage to the new Active Pokémon. Then, flip a coin. If heads, your opponent's Active Pokémon is now Paralyzed.

[R][R][R] Hellfire 150
If your opponent's Pokémon is Knocked Out by damage from this attack, put that Pokémon and all cards attached to it in the Lost Zone instead of the discard pile.

[C]+ Nighthowler-GX
For the rest of this game, each of your [D] and [R] Pokémon's attacks does 30 more damage to your opponent's Active Pokémon (after applying Weakness and Resistance). If this Pokémon has at least 2 extra Energy attached to it (in addition to this attack's cost), flip 2 coins for each of your Benched Pokémon. For each heads, you may search your deck for a basic Energy card and attach it to that Pokémon. Then, shuffle your deck. (You can't use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)

Weakness: [F]x2
Resistance: [P]-20
Retreat: [C][C][C]
TAG TEAM - When your TAG TEAM is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 3 Prize cards.
Nidoking TEU
Tyranitar-GX LOT
Lucario & Melmetal-GX


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Giant Cape: +20 HP is bad, meh.
Fighting Fury Belt: +40 HP and +10 damage? Count me in!!
Bodybuilding Bumbells: +40 HP on Stage 1s? Ehh, but kinda cool.
Buff Padding: Even more M A S S
Magikarp & Wailord-GX: Wait. You can’t attach this to a Pokémon...
I wonder where this is going.
Charjabug & Shedinja-GX HP 200 Grass
Basic Pokémon (TAG TEAM)

[G][G][G] Shocking Souls 140
During your opponent's next turn, if this Pokémon is damaged by an attack (even if this Pokémon is Knocked Out), flip a coin. If heads, if the Attacking Pokémon is Knocked Out during your next turn, take 1 more Prize card.

[G]+ Lifespark GX
Turn 1 of your face-down Prize cards face up. If it’s a Pokémon, attach it to this Pokémon. If this Pokémon has at least 4 extra Energy attached to it (in addition to this attack’s cost), this Pokémon’s HP is increased equal to the HP of the Pokémon attached to this Pokémon. (You can’t use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)

When your TAG TEAM is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 3 Prize cards.

Weakness: Fire x2
Resistance: None
Retreat: 2
Alolan Marowak - “equal to the HP part in Lifespark GX”
Sigilyph - “Shocking Souls effect Part 1”
Whimsicott - “Shocking souls effect Part 2”
Blacephalon - “Lifespark GX sentence 1”
Any TAG TEAM - Tag Team rules
Couldn’t find any references for attaching Pokémon to anything, but I’m probably just dumb.
I hope it’s clear why Magikarp & Wailord is the featured Pokémon at the top there now lol. This thing has a chance to get a massive 500 HP, along with additional multipliers. However, some things to consider. It takes 5 Energy on a 200 HP Pokémon which, while not a lot, is not certainly the best thing you want to be attaching too as well. It can’t fit a stall archetype either unfortunately due to having to play an abundance of Energy which steals from other cards it could play to work with it. However, it could be a massive and hard thing to take out. Not even Flare Strike with weakness (no Choice Band) can OHKO it at full HP! Getting the right Pokemon with the GX attack is tough too- it has to be from a face-down Prize card. This means that you really either have to play a lot of Pokemon to pair it with or instead play cards like Mr. Mime DTP. Now, of course Magikarp & Wailord is the Pokémon you wanna use with this, but if you happen to get something else, then cool. As for balance, 500 Hp is a TON!!!! 200 more than the current max!!!! But keep in mind- it’s a one-trick pony, and has very limited options. Gimping it with attacks like Lost Purge, poking it till it dies, not dying to it’s base attack (surviving any hit of Shocking Souls hurts it so much) are all decent ways around it. You can also do stuff like just Guzma benched mons too if you want.

Also hey, it has a normal attack too! Lifespark-GX is the main attraction here, but Shocking Souls certainly has a powerful effect. Working in tandem with Lifespark, Shocking Souls allows for even the additional Prize card if Charjabug & Shedinja-GX is hit by an attack! It is a flip-coin however, which is good. It not being a flip coin could essentially have the effect of the attack saying “take an extra Prize card” every time. But it has limits of course. Of course, it’s a flip coin, but it also requires being damaged. Even at a maximum of 500, this will still probably only have a few uses. 140 damage isn’t extraordtinary, but is a fair number for it to hit.

Ok, now that competitive stuff is cleared up (basically), I’ll move on to the inspiration behind the card. It was originally created because both Charjabug and Shedinja have cards in the game that attach themselves to Pokémon and are also both Bug, which led to the Tag Team. I decided to make the GX attack just attaching a Pokémon as opposed to turning it to a Pokémon Tool card because it was more simple, and would honestly render it bad as a Tool (think Field Blower, Lysandre Labs, Faba, etc.). Shocking Souls comes from the lore of both Pokémon to a cool extent - in that I kind of bent taking an extra Prize card into some “soul stealing” stuff and took Charjbug’s dex entry on if you step on it, you get a shock, almost literally.

Now back to that dumb thing where you look over the card 20 times, read over everything, decide it’s good, submit it, then reread it to find 20 errors x.x


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I'm not going to be able to compete in this round, formatting with my tablet is still something I'm not used to doing.


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I'm new to card faking and this seemed like a great place to start. I saw number 14 for text-based was still open, does that mean I can enter?


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I'm new to card faking and this seemed like a great place to start. I saw number 14 for text-based was still open, does that mean I can enter?
Yup! :D Just post saying you're in and you can make your card at a time of your convenience.


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Okay, thank you! Hereby entering then. I actually already had a rough card finished so I'm just going to improve the wording a little bit and post it here.


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Claydol - Psychic - HP100

Stage 1 - Evolves from Baltoy

Ability: Wonder Power
If this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon, once during your turn (before your attack), you may flip a coin for each card in your discard pile. Put 1 damage counter on your opponent's Active Pokémon for each heads. Your turn ends.

[P][C] Wonder Spin
Flip a coin for each Energy attached to this Pokémon. For each heads, search your discard pile for a card, reveal it, and put it into your hand.

Weakness: [P] (x2)
Resistance: None
Retreat: [C][C]

NO. 344 Clay Doll Pokémon HT: 4'11" WT: 238.0 lbs.
A Claydol sleeps while hovering in midair. They are kept floating by the Pokémon's manipulation of psychic power.

So, my first fake card ever. I struggled a bit with balancing, especially on the Ability. I wanted to create something that would do damage based on the size of your discard pile but was also able to thin it, so you'd have to choose between damage and utility. I realized, however, that without a "your turn ends" clause it would probably be used more as a battle compressor/late game sweeper combined with a powerful attacker than what I intended it to be used for. In the end, I think it did turn out pretty balanced, but I'm no expert so I'd love to hear the judge's opinion.


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Ok, here’s my entry.

Naganadel-GX-Psychic-200 HP-Ultra Beast

Ability: Beast Battler
Flip 3 coins. For each Heads, search your deck for an Ultra Beast and discard them.

[P][P] Fury Attack 30x
Flip a coin for each Ultra Beast in your discard pile. This does 30 damage for each Heads. You may not do more than 240 damage in this way. If you have 2 or 4 Prize Cards remaining, you can do up to 300 damage. If all flips are Tails, your opponent’s Active Pokémon is now Poisoned. If you have 3 or 5 Prize Cards remaining, put 5 damage counters on your opponent’s Poisoned Active Pokémon. (This effect only occurs if you flipped all Tails).

[P][P][P] Hit, Sting, and Run GX 140+
Flip 2 coins. This does 30 more damage for each Heads. Your opponent’s Active Pokémon is now Poisoned. If you have 6 or 1 Prize Cards remaining, put 10 damage counters on your opponent’s Poisoned Pokémon. Switch this with one of your Benched Pokémon.

Weakness: [P] (2x)
Resistance: None
Retreat: [C]
One of the Ultra Beasts. Favoring Humans over Ultra Beasts, it seeks to bring Humans to the Ultra Space to live with it and Poipole.

The only Ultra Beasts I like are Poipole and Naganadel (and the Cosmog Line and Ultra Necrozma, if you consider them Ultra Beasts), so so I wanted to make a Naganadel card that discard Ultra Beasts and use them to your advantage. The attacks and ability I feel are a little to overpowered for a non-GX, so I made it a GX. I may have gone a little over board on the Coin Flips, but I really wanted a card to fit the theme. I also didn’t want to make it a terribly playable card, so that’s why I put some damage caps. I love how the Ultra Beasts interact with Prize Cards, so I tried to demonstrate that in a subtle way. Thanks for reading this, and I hope this card will impress someone.


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Artwork by Puppy-Chow
Blank, holosheet, and symbols by Metagross101
Sableye UD35
Sableye SF48
Sableye CG10
Heatran LV.X DP31
Delcatty ex CG91
Bellossom HL16
Pidgeot RG10
First ex card, ever!

The positioning of the effect text is kinda iffy, considering the wall of texts slapped onto the card I'd say I managed it *just* fine but any more text than this will make the font size so small that the effect itself is pretty much unreadable.

The wording for the ability was the toughest bit of the whole card. ''Alternating'' might not be the best word for it (since I'd assume TPCi would try to keep things as simple as possible for younger players), but I think the point is quite clear here. I want some kind of interaction between players due to the nature of the coin flip being 50/50, so if I'm flipped this coin and got screwed by RNG, you'll get a chance to test your luck and (maybe) gain an advantage from it. Nothing infuriates players from bad luck, but nothing is more comforting to see the same kind of luck happening on the other side of the board.

Gamble Rumble is another shot in the dark in terms of how to word everything. I don't want 2 coin flips effects on the same card, mainly because I thought it'd be boring to constantly see my opponent flip coins during their turn, so I integrated the dice rolls. I originally intended it to be just 1 dice roll, but rolling a ''die'' seems uncharacteristic from TPCi and ''dice'' might get me docked for points, so I played it safe and went for 2 dice rolls instead. I did a spreadsheet on Excel to work out the probability so here's the statistics:

To hit a 12, you'll need to roll exactly two 6s, that's ~2.8%
To hit a 7 or above (including 12) you'll need a 6 and anything else, that's ~58.8%
To hit a 6 or below that's ~42%
(If my maths is correct. If it isn't, then I fail as an engineer and I might fail my upcoming finals.)

So the odds are in your favor, so I tried balancing out with higher, more specific Energy costs and low damage value (it was 30 but I changed it to 10) since Sableye is also a basic Pokemon and I don't want to overdo the damage. I'm not sure if everything works out since I'm not that good at balancing anyways but hey, I tried.
(Also big respect to those who knows the reference to Gamble Rumble.)

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So my computer just died and I won't be able to make my entry. I'm sorry, but I'll have to drop this time :(

I still have the text so, if there's still time, I want to join text based. When I fix my computer, I'll make the image-based card and post it somewhere :/


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So my computer just died and I won't be able to make my entry. I'm sorry, but I'll have to drop this time :(

I still have the text so, if there's still time, I want to join text based. When I fix my computer, I'll make the image-based card and post it somewhere :/
Sure! I've dropped you from image and added you to text. ^.^

3 days (ish) to get y'all's entries in, everybody else!

Gabs Kazumi

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Well, since I can't make the image-based version, here is my text entry for this month's CaC!

As you can see, I'm a huge fan of Unova and the 5th gen hahah


Bisharp - Dark - 110 HP
Stage 1 - Evolves from Pawniard

Ability - Dangerous Gamble
As long as this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon, before you flip any coins in your turn, you may use this Ability. Put 1 damage counter on one of your opponent's Pokémon for each heads, and put 1 damage counter on one of your Pokémon for each tails.

[D][C][C] High Bet 80x
Flip 3 coins. This attack does 80 damage times the number of heads. If you played Grimsley from your hand during this turn and all of them are heads, you win the game.

Weakness: Fighting (x2)
Resistance: Psychic (-20)
Retreat: [C]
"The winner takes everything, and there's nothing left to the loser"

Slowbro UNB
Articuno TUP
Victini GRI
Grimsley GG End
Move up to 3 damage counters from 1 of your opponent's Pokémon to another of their Pokémon.

You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before you attack).

Who's a better candidate to a coin flip-based card than our favorite gambler?

Bisharp is Grimsley's main Pokémon and, as I said in a few CaC ago, I really like this new dynamic about owner's Pokémon in the TCG. So, I went with an Ability that makes a nice combo with Grimsley and with the coin-based Item cards (that doesn't see much play, imo).

At a first look, the attack may be seen a bit overpowered (since the only cards with auto-winning conditions are the Unown), but I think it's pretty balanced. With 3 coins, we have a 12,5% of getting 3 heads (37,5% 2 heads and 1 tails, 37,5% 1 heads and 2 tails and 12,5% of getting 3 tails). For the auto win, you're also required to play Grimsley in the same turn too - which isn't as good as Cynthia or Lillie, for example.

As the name suggests, you really have to pull the High Bet to win the game with Bisharp!

PS: The flavor text is a quote from Grimsley, in the Sun/Moon games. I think it suits well the card's theme, and also reminds me of the flavor texts from the Double Crisis miniset!

I'll try to make an illustrated version of this card as soon as I fix my computer.

Good luck to all contestants!


Pachirisu-GX [L] HP160
Basic Pokémon

[C] Random Generator
Flip a coin until you get tails. For each heads, search your deck for a [L] Energy card and attach it to 1 of your Pokémon. Then, shuffle your deck. If the first flip is tails, this Pokémon is now Confused.

[L][L][L] Random Spark 60x
Flip a coin for each of your opponent’s Pokémon in play. This attack does 60 damage for each heads. If any of them were tails, this Pokémon is now Paralyzed.

[L][L][C] Random Discharge-GX
Flip 2 Coins. Choose 1 for each heads: (You can’t choose the same effect more than once.)
• Your opponent’s Active Pokémon is now Paralyzed
• This attack does 200 damage to one of your opponent’s Pokémon. Then, discard all [L] Energy attaches to this Pokémon
If both of them were tails, this Pokémon is Knocked Out. (You can’t use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)

Weakness: [F] x2
Retreat: [C][C]

When your Pokémon-GX is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

[C][C][C] Rubbish Scramble 10x
Flip a coin for each card in your opponent’s discard pile. This attack does 10 damage for each heads.

[P] Mysterious Toxin
Your opponent’s active Pokémon is now poisoned. Flip a coin until you get tails. Put 1 more damage counter on your opponent’s poisoned Pokémon between turns for each heads. If your opponent’s Active Pokémon is already poisoned, this attack does nothing.

Ability: Luck of the Draw
Once during your turn (before your attack) you may flip a coin. If heads, draw two cards. If tails, discard the top two cards of your deck.
Attack 1:
- Pikachu&Zekrom-GX TEU
- Gyarados-EX BKP
- Raikou SLG
- Lickilicki ULP
- Spinda PRC
Attack 2:
- Zoroark-GX SLG
- Lycanroc-GX GRI
- Magikarp AOR
- Spinda PRC
GX Attack:
- Tate & Liza CES
- Giovanni’s Scheme BKT
- Hoopa-GX TEU
- Smeargle CES
- Aegislash FLI

Exams exams exams i should be studying gack


I'm playing Big Blacephalon next quarter :)
It pains me to but I'm going to have to drop. I had an idea for a Hydreigon/Dodrio card I was going to do but I just haven't had the time.


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11th hour submission here we go:


design notes:
  • Carbink Prism Star's HP is approximately +30 against an average Carbink. Weakness is standard for Rock-types, and Retreat Cost of 2 has appeared on past Carbink.
  • The coin flip mechanic is centered around the Weakness multiplier, as seen in the Mutagen Core Ability.
  • The last time we had an ability related to Weakness was Vileplume BCR: while Vileplume doesn't require you to flip for the x4 multiplier, Carbink's Ability 1) works against your opponent only, making it better; and 2) Carbink is a Basic rather than a Stage 2, hence becoming playable instantly. Makes it a viable tech in [F]-type decks vs PikaRom.
  • Noble Call allows you to switch out Carbink Prism Star for one of your Benched Pokémon to perform Carbink's own attack, with the attack cost paid for by Carbink. This means that you can run many types of Basics to perform the attack, allowing you to use Carbink's attack to hit for Weakness.
  • Therein lies the synergy between the Ability and attack: for 2 [F], you can cover Weaknesses for many decks, hitting 100+ damage consistently with the right Pokémon in your deck. 200 if you're lucky!
  • The reason why it's not broken is, of course, it's a Prism Star - you only have 1 copy of Carbink. Also, SM11's Weakguard Energy completely shuts down Carbink, although you can remove the Energy from your opponent's Active Pokémon with Enhanced Hammer or something.
card references: Vileplume BCR (Apply Weakness for [each] Pokémon... as), Scyther LOT (If 1 of them is heads), Pinsir TEU (If both of them are heads), Swalot CES (Before doing damage), Tapu Koko LOT (You may switch... Benched Pokémon). I can't find a reference for the last part of Noble Call - I reckon I might lose some points for the possibly unclear wording - as I can't find a Pokémon with an attack that switches out to let the new Active perform its attack.

credits to:
Best of luck to all others in image and text!

(P.S. I have no clue how to manipulate the sunlava sheet lol kill me for aesthetic)


I really dislike putting coinflip effects on cards. So, I decided to go for a less poppy card this time around.
I'm still glad with the way this one came out. It was originally going to be a different art of a different mon, but an unresponsive artist led to that not being possible, sadly. It's a shame, the art was perfect for the effect. I'm still satisfied with little Umbreon here. The point of the attack effect is to be the ultimate gamble. Do you want to sacrifice all of the Umbreons you have for an effect that could either destroy your opponent or leave you with nothing and a prize down. It averages at 150, which isn't amazing but not terrible either. The only other card I know that has a self knockout effect is Minior, a basic, with 3 F for 190. I feel like that average, especially with it's other drawbacks, is balanced. Thanks to ishmam, for the always gorgeous art, and asche for the blank & symbols.
The first part of the attack was semi-improvised. I wanted it to require at least 2 but you could discard an optional 3rd. Using all current wording conventions I think this is the only way to do that.
Tyranitar-GX LOT (I wanted it to discard the cards attached to it but have it go into the LZ, so I removed the other part.)
Tentacruel UNB 41 "If you do, ..."
Eevee-GX (The last part of the ability is the same as the last part of the attack. This wording currently isn't on any attacks.)