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Standard Magnezone/Wyrdeer V

Pok Hanss

Aspiring Trainer
3x Magnemite 105/189 Astral Radiance
1x Magneton 106/189 Astral Radiance
3x Magnezone 107/189 Astral Radiance
1x Greedent V 217/264 Fusion Strike
1x Eevee V Promo SWSH065
4x Wyrdeer V 134/189 Astral Radiance
1x Pumpkaboo 076/203 Evolving Skies
1x Manaphy 041/172 Brilliant Stars
30x Metal Energy
4x Sonia
2x Ultra Ball
1x Prof. Research
3x Rare Candy
3x Evol. Incense
1x Escape Rope
1x Ordinary Rod

1) Greedent V and Eevee V + Magnezone
2) Magnezone + Wyrdeer V
3) Manaphy
4) Pumpkaboo

I know, that this is a slow deck. But when I have Magnezone + Wyrdeer V in play, it is a very strong deck. Is it possible to do this deck faster? Please help.
I shall try to play - 3 x Metal Energy, + 3x Miltank. What do you think about this deck? Help me, please.
I tried to play 3x Miltank in this deck. I must say that better is the version without them, with 30x Metal Energy.