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MagneBoar HGSS on


Aspiring Trainer
Pokemon: 19
4 Cleffa HGSS/CoL
3-1-3 Magnezone Prime
2-1-2 Emboar 20/114 (using BW 07 promo tepig)
1 Reshiram
1-1 Rayquaza Deoxys Legend

T/S/S: 26
4 Pokemon Collector
4 Professor Oak's New Theory
1 Professor Juniper
1 Judge
1 Professor Elm's
4 Pokemon Communication
4 Rare Candy
4 Junk Arm
2 Energy Retrieval
1 Switch

11 Fire
4 Lightning

Strategy: Lead with Cleffa and set up Emboar and Magnezones. Reshiram can take early prizes if needed. Then close with Rayquaza deoxys legend taking 2 prizes or if safe 4 prizes over 2 turns.

Any feedback would be awesome! Thanks so much guys.