Magic the Gathering To Release Cards with Pokemon’s Holofoil!

You are speaking my language! Imagine a Marnie planeswalker, 2 Swamp to cast, and use her as your Commander! I mean, MTG has exactly the same 5 categories of energies that match the Pokemon types. Metal is Artifact, Colorless and Fairy is Plains, Dark and Ghost is Swamp, Grass is Forest, Water is Island, and Fire is Mountain, and you can do Enemy Fetch Lands using the Pokemon theme! I would pass out from excitement.
There are also 31 different combinations of the five colors (including colorless) that could be mixed and matched to the Pokémon types.
I'm just sad they turned Un-sets from "funny sets focused on comedy and laughs" into "sets where we get to show off how clever we think we are".
As soon as they announced it was black border, the Un-set died. I know they've tried to continue it with the acorn thing, but it is so inconsistent, both internally and compared to other un-set cards.

I have a lot of negative to say about recent set design, but Unfinity is so obviously a "we could, but we didn't stop to think if we should" situation. Very disappointing as Unstable was imo one of the best sets ever when it comes to cards fitting in with the mechanical space of Magic: The Gathering but exploring new, unexpected, or out of flavor design space.