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Expanded M T-Tar Decklist

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by NaochoCheese, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. NaochoCheese Aspiring Trainer


    I was an avid MtG player, and I recently got into the PtCG Expanded format.

    Looking at the T-Tar and M T-Tar I really like how it sets up and the speed of it. I've made a decklist that seems to be performing well at the LGS, but I wanted to see what kind of improvements people could make or suggest.

    1 Hoopa EX AOR
    1 Tapu Lele GX GRI
    1 Shaymin EX ROS
    2 Keldeo EX BCR
    3 Tapu Koko SMP
    3 Tyranitar EX AOR
    3 M Tyranitar EX AOR

    1 Scoop Up Cyclone PLB
    3 Ultra Ball SM
    3 Battle Compressor PHF
    3 Tyranitar Spirit Link AOR
    3 Float Stone BKT
    4 Dark Patch DEX

    2 N NVI
    2 Cynthia UPR
    2 Lysandre FLF
    2 Lusamine CIN
    4 Professor Juniper PLF

    3 Po Town BUS

    10 Darkness Energy
    4 Double Colorless Energy

    So far the deck has been performing exceptionally well. Only a couple of the matchups (Buzzwole and Lycanroc for example) cause me large issues. Im looking at just improving the deck overall, so any kind of suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  2. jperr swoosh


    m t-tar is the first deck i made when i got into this game, so this is a bit emotional for me.

    as for my personal improvements:
    -2 keldeo (they're kind of unnecessary in this deck when you can attach 2 tools to mega t-tar, plus there's another improvement later for this)
    -1 scoop up cyclone (it's really clutch in some situations, but as a general rule you don't want to be picking up your high energy cost attackers just because of how hard it is to get them back in the game. and its mega too which is even worse).
    -1 battle compressor
    -2 lysandre
    -2 lusamine
    -3 po town

    +1 jirachi ex (when i'm playing hoopa ex i'd usually use a 1/1 split of jirachi/tapu lele)
    +1 ultra ball
    +1 computer search (if this is outside of the price range then probably go dowsing machine, and if not that then scramble switch)
    +3 vs seekers
    +2 guzma (this is why we cut the keldeos)
    +3 magma base (a better stadium for spreading damage)

    other thoughts:
    • since this deck usually runs blisteringly slow, you're always going to be behind on the prize race, so you can add trainers that take advantage of that, i.e. ace trainer and counter catcher. n sort of does this, but ace trainer does it much better.
    • these improvements aren't even remotely teching against fighting variants. this deck seriously does not have any chance against expanded fighting box, but i guess you can still add techs just to make yourself feel better
    • the deck is really tight on room, but when you're making other improvements try to avoid cutting the draw supporters as much as possible. it really truly needs them.
    • just realised its also missing some standard items like field blower and rescue stretcher/super rod. maybe take out energies or compressors for them
    • mega turbo is great, but its almost a luxury at this point
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
  3. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    A few thoughts for your consideration:

    IMO, either Computer Search or Dowsing Machine should be used instead of Scoop Up Cyclone whose function can be better served by Acerola.

    I suspect Tapu Koko (Flying Flip) is your preferred starter in order to spread damage onto your opponent's Pokémon. The(se) starting Pokémon should, most likely, be KOd early game; so, why no Teammates?

    Po Town Stadium hurts your evolving Pokémon too. Why not use Reverse Valley or Altar of the Moone instead?

    Guzma, IMO, has more advantages over Lysandre since you are also running free-retreating Tapu Koko?

    Why no Trainer's Mail??

    Why no VS Seeker???

    Suggested changes for your consideration:

    -2 Keldeo EX - not really needed
    -3 Float Stone - not strongly needed
    -2 Lysandre
    -2 Lusamine - not strongly needed
    -3 Po Town
    -1 Professor Sycamore - 4 may be too much since you are also thinning-out your deck with other Items
    -1 Scoop Up Cyclone

    +3 Altar of the Moone / Reverse Valley
    +1 Computer Search / Dowsing Machine
    +1 Cynthia - additional card-draw support
    +3 Guzma
    +1 Teammates
    +2 Trainer's Mail
    +3 VS Seeker

    I hope you find these comments helpful.

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