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I quite like Lumineon so it's great to get some beautiful artwork. Your point doesn't make much sense.

There are very few Pokemon in the top tier anyway for the TCG. I haven't gone through every set, but obviously there has to be a reason why cards of similar rarities have such massive price differentials.

We all know Charizard is #1, but outside of it and Pikachu (and Pikachu would mostly be promos), I don't think there are even 30 Pokemon that can anchor a set. & every generation there will be the same Pokemon guaranteed to be headlining a set including Rayquaza, Umbreon and Mewtwo.


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152Shaymin V FAStar Birth
153Charizard V FAStar Birth
154Charizard V AAStar Birth
155Lumineon V FAStar Birth
156Lumineon V AAStar Birth
157Pikachu V FAStart Deck 100
158Raichu V FAStar Birth
159Granbull V FAStart Deck 100
160Whimsicott V FAStar Birth
161Honchkrow V FAStar Birth
162Zamazenta V FAStart Deck 100
163Flygon V FAStar Birth
164Arceus V FAStar Birth
165Arceus V AAPromo
166FA Pokemon

It seems weird that Shaymin won't be getting an alternate art if Lumineon gets one.

The Start Deck 100 ones we know exist, and then will Arceus be getting 2 alternate arts (in BS)? Because there's the PLA promo and maybe one for the actual set.

I suppose in Fusion Arts we did only get Mew, Genesect and Greedent. So I guess it'll be Charizard, Lumineon and Arceus. Greedent wasn't even on the pack art unlike Boltund & Hoopa, so same situation here it seems.
Ooh. Where is this list??


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Who is roseanne btw? I don't think I remember her from my limited time playing Platinum before it got corrupted and I didn't enjoy Brilliant Diamond enough to have gotten to a point where she's in the game.
Good question, she appears in Pokémon Adventures manga and not in the anime. She is one of Professor Rowan's assistant. She first appear in the DP Secret Wonders set in the TCG card name "Roseanne's Research" (I have that card). Basically, she is just a minor character. Link below is her Secret Wonders card, notice Professor Rowan is behind her:


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Lumineon's alt is great, but I prefer Roseanne's regular art. Nagomi Nijo's art is bursting with personality that is completely gone in the Full Art.